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Introducing cado

ArchiDraw has grown up!

Cado_iconMost of you will have been interested in our architectural floorplan drawing app called ArchiDraw. We have been working hard at developing the best drawing application for the iPad over the last 18 months and in that process have received some amazing feedback from you.

The overwhelming majority of comments received highlighted that you wanted an accurate 2D Computer Aided Drawing (CAD) platform first. This is due to the varied industries this program could be used for by you lovely people; drawing anything from a microchip to a solar system and everything inbetween!

So with that in mind, we proudly introduce cado - our revised first release which will be a standalone 2D CAD application with the features any experienced CAD user will be familiar with, whilst remaining intuitive enough for the first time user. This is difficult to achieve (and work the way we want it to) but we are well on our way and are making great progress! 

Have a look at this!

We conservatively expect a release in the second quarter of 2013 however maintaining the highest level of quality and usability is essential for us. In short, we will not release something half baked. Pricing information will also be released shortly but don't worry, there will be a free version available. We have not forgotten about those who wanted the floorplan features or our Android friends, there are plans underway...! Stay tuned.

Some unique features:
  • OMouse (patent pending) which allows accurate drawing on the touch screen effortlessly.
  • Stunning User Interface making it easy for both professionals and those new to CAD, to navigate around the app.
  • Fluidity of app helps to deliver the best CAD experience (the app fully harnesses the power of OpenGL.)
  • DXF & DWG - love it or hate it, you have got to have it, and we do to ensure you go from mobile to desktop seamlessly!
  • Imperial and metric drawing environment with a near infinite drawing space
  • Layer system complete with linetypes, lineweights and colour flexibility

Did somebody say OMouse?

Introducing the new way of drawing on touchscreens!

OMouseOMouse is our unique Patent Pending method of interfacing with a touch screen device.  It allows you to accurately place a cursor without your finger or stylus ever getting in the way again.  
The OMouse features floating buttons that follow the cursor at an ergonomic distance from your thumb. This lets you comfortably control your device with one hand....making your mobile tablet really mobile!  We think you are going to love it as much as we do!

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