Just a word or so.

This is not the same as the blog

Please, if you don't want to be on this list, hit the subscribe options and it ought to be simple to get off.

It's an obvious fact that I pretty much suck at doing an email list. I get bunches of new subscriber notices per day and I've yet to really do anything about it. All the while the thing ages, and I risk people not even remembering they subscribed; getting angry for the inconvenience.

The bottom line is that I'm going to be putting out something regularly, off blog. If you haven't been to the blog, Free the Animal, in a while, you probably still shouldn't. Things haven't improved, but have only gotten worse. I've sworn off all the drama I was engaged in during 2012. I'm back to figuring ways to attract people in how to improve their standing in life individually.

It's very boring.

The other material change is that I have returned to blogging a lot about social issues. But again, this is not suited for people looking to be told what to do.

I'm sorry.

So here's your fair warning.

Richard Nikoley
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