Pastor's Sketches eBook is here!
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Pastor's Sketches eBook is Here!

Come check it out!

We've been hard at work converting our latest book A Pastor's Sketches hardbook over to eBook, and today we're happy to announce its release. Please check it out over at our website.

Here's "Our Take"

A Pastor’s Sketches: Conversations with Anxious Souls Concerning the Way of Salvation by Ichabod Spencer is in our opinion one of the finest books ever written on the subject of evangelistic and pastoral ministry. It should rightly take its place on the desk of every pastor, but its usefulness is in no way limited to pastors. Any person wanting to know how to engage lost people better in evangelistic conversations or how to help souls carefully find rest in Christ will be tremendously helped by this book.

Okay, now what's it about?

The book consists entirely of private conversations had by the author with individuals concerned about their souls. Spencer made it a practice to carefully record his conversations (or "sketches") of this nature in order to assist him in his pastoral work. These two volumes (now published together) were selected from those records in order to provide an example for others, and also to deal publicly with a very wide range of objections to the Christian message. The accounts are not dressed up in any way, and Spencer's simplicity and earnestness with others are evident throughout. There are so many things in the Christian life that are easier caught than taught, since the book is written in this way, you are able to catch some of what Pastor Spencer was doing as he counseled souls.

What's so special about the Granted Ministries edition?

Glad you asked. We've spent hours and had multiple people review and catch errors that may come from converting to eBook. We've also included our new Sketch Summaries (a quick paragraph to easily refresh your memory on a particular sketch) and a Subject Index (so you can quickly find a sketch that relates to the problem you're dealing with when talking with others). And finally, as always, if you purchase at Granted Ministries you get both an ePub and Kindle version, enough licenses for your entire household and pay a lower price.

Now we encourage you to go get this incredibly unique, helpful, practical and enjoyable book. A full Granted Ministries Our Take, pdf samples, and purchase page may be found here.

*while it is more advantageous to purchase directly from us, the book is also available directly from Kindle and very soon from Apple(pending approval).

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