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New eBook
The Person of Christ
by Philip Schaff

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Our Newest eBook

Good news! We’ve just finished our newest eBook, The Person of Christ:The Perfection of His Humanity Viewed as Proof of His Divinity by Philip Schaff. To read up on this book please view the “Our Take” or the back description from the product page. In this popularly written three-part book, Dr. Philip Schaff first sets forth the human perfection and character of Christ in such a way as brings the honest reader to worship Him as God incarnate; then shows the emptiness of any and all alternative explanations for His person; and finally presents a collection of writings by unbelievers concerning the moral perfection of Jesus in order to demonstrate the universal belief in the perfection of Christ. In light of Schaff's total argument it becomes quite clear that men ought to give up their strange and empty theories about Christ in order to bow before Him and give Him the honor He deserves.
We have decided to offer this at a much lower cost than usual. We did this because we want everyone to read it! We just think that highly of its quality and helpfulness. And it will give you a chance to try out the quality of our eBooks. It can be purchased for just $2 here.  

Please don't mix your eBook order with regular physical products we have to ship. If you do that, we have no way of allowing you an instant download, and you would have to wait until the rest of your order is processed. Sorry if this is an inconvenience, but we explain it here.

Update on eBooks Progress

We plan to offer each of our published books in eBook formats as soon as we are able. Though this process will take some time, we believe it will certainly be worthwhile to a large number of Christians. Each title will be available in both ePUB (the industry standard) and Amazon Kindle (mobi) formats. They will be sold through our site, and also through the Amazon Kindle store and the Apple iTunes store. As always, keep up with our current project list here and our finished projects here. Visiting our dedicated eBook page is also a quick way to see our currently available eBooks.

Helpful Notes, Instruction Links, and a Request

Although it is probably easier to buy our books directly from your device, there are some very real perks to buying these eBooks directly from our site. They are:
  • You get both a Kindle and an ePUB version.
  • You’ll pay a lower price.
  • Amazon or Apple doesn't get a cut of the purchase price, therefore Granted Ministries is benefited.
  • You get a license that should cover everyone in your household.
We have also created a few pages to help you navigate our treatment of eBooks:
If you decide to purchase any of our eBooks, we would really appreciate a positive review on or Apple’s iTunes site. As you certainly know, reviews are a helpful way for the average browser to navigate the digital landscape. If for any reason you are not fully pleased with your eBook and cannot write a positive review, please give us a chance to help or correct any issues.

We encourage you to view The Person of Christ now.
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