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Song List
1. King
2. Power

Hi Rocker,

Happy New Year!  O.K., a little late.  :)  I know that I've been a little quiet on-line since the completion of my fundraising campaign.  I've been hard at work putting the final touches on "Black & White."  Which, if you haven't heard, is done.  Yeay!  Speaking of the fundraising campaign...

IndieGoGo Campaign Wrap-Up
I cannot thank those of you who contributed to my campaign enough.  We wound up raising $785!  (There were a couple of people who donated directly, bypassing IndieGoGo.)  That means that I'll be able to subscribe to both radio reporting services!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Huetensil Release Dates
The release date for "King/Power," my first single from "Black & White," will be Tuesday, January 27.  It'll be available to everyone exclusively through my BandCamp page starting that day.

"Black & White" is tentatively set to be released on Tuesday, March 3.  It will be available through places like Amazon and iTunes.

I'm on a Mexican Radio
Not really.  :)  Two stations have already aired "King" and a third has confirmed that they're going to air it.  The first station to air "King" was Siren FM in the U.K.  You can keep track of Huetensil radio play, find show schedules and links to audio streams here.

Thanks for listening.
~ Huetensil

"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!"


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