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Huetensil                               SH 2015 v. 05.0

Rock / Power Pop / Hard Rock / Progressive Rock
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Song List
1. Want Too Much
2. Last Night
3. Tonight
4. Executioner's Song
5. Fear & Longing
6. Nothin'
7. Mr. Curry's Troubles
8. Simple
9. Maybe It's Time
10. Wake Me Up
11. Let's Pretend
12. King

Hi Rocker,

Whew!  The last month and a half has been CRAZY!  Things are starting to calm down a bit now, so I thought that I would send you an update.  :)

Black & White Reviews
Three reviews of my new album Black & White have been published.  All three have had some nice things to say, so if you haven't read them yet, you should check them out!  My favorite is the one at the top of the page.

50 Plus Stations
After this weekend is over, I will have confirmed plays on 52 stations!  The most recent four are due to the show Dakota DamnNATION, which airs this weekend.  Follow this link for the Dakota DamnNATION air dates, times and stream links.  Visit my web- site to stay up to date on all of the stations and shows that are featuring my songs.

My songs have charted on the national Active Rock chart for six weeks!  Mind you, that wasn't all in a row.  And the songs were pretty far down the list.  Below 400.  Still I think that it's pretty neat.  :)

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before but, King ranked 47 on WTFX 93.1 FM's chart for the week ending January 11, 2015.

Want Too Much was in the top 10 on WCXS' Loud Rock chart for the week ending April 19, 2015!

Ozone in the A.M.
"Thank you" to Ozone who has been a HUGE supporter of Huetensil and Question of Honour.  He regularly features both acts' songs on his show which airs on WHRW FM in Binghamton, New York.  He's the only DJ, that I know of, who has aired every track from Black & White!

Thanks for listening.
~ Huetensil

"Do, do, do, do, do-do.  Do, do, do, do, do-do.  Do, do, do, do, do-do.  Do, do, do, do, do-do.  Dooooo."


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