MLLC - Autumn Newsletter - November 2015
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Autumn Newsletter

November 2015

Autumn and Winter and Hibernation. Herein lies a lesson in re-framing.

At Halloween I read about the Celtic Calendar which considered Winter as the beginning of the year and night as the beginning of the day.

Donning the proverbial wooly re-framing hat I pondered the thought of starting the day with 8 hour lie-ins and that 1st November means it's time to build energy and not put it to ground. It's a nice twist, isnt' it?

So the wintery twist brought home to me that we constantly construct restraints around advancement or stasis. We rarely question our situations or our self-imposed patterns of behaviour. We may even create "logic" and "find" reasons why we're holding on to our current situation or behaving in certain ways. In some cases they are valid. In others we've possibly gone into auto-pilot. Possibly season after season.

What matters is that only we really know if we are the ones keeping us where we are. Are we encouraging ourselves to go where we really want to go?

So rather than hibernate over the coming Winter months why not use this time to plot some perspective?
  • Do your ideas or goals feel right?
  • Does your current situation feel right?
  • Are your actions (small, incremental and large) taking you where you want to go?
  • What has been working well recently, why and how?
  • What's not been going so well, why and how do you know?
  • Knowing all of that, what else do you know? 

I'm always happy to hear from you so please let me know how you're getting on.

Keep well. Be happy. Stay in touch.


Perspective and Re-Framing
See Things A Little Differently
perspective, michael laffey, life coach, michael laffey life coach
Is something in the way of your goal or are you in your own way?

A picture paints a thousand words while humour often adds a certain honesty when applied well.
  • Does the cartoon portray something of relevance about your own perspective or about a particular situation?
perspective, achievement, achieve, michael laffey, life coach, michael laffey life coach
Achieve More By Doing Less
The Myth of Being Busy

There is a difference between being busy and being productive.

We all know that but here's a nice reminder that a little distance will debunk busy for busy's sake, allow perspective and create insight so that we can prioritise and focus in what matters.
perspective, multi local, multi, local, where am I from, michael laffey, life coach, michael laffey life coach
"Where are you from?"
Being Multi-Local

The idea of being from a singular place is increasingly outmoded.

An individual may have parents from different heritages. We may be brought up in another country or culture to our parents. We may have moved several times for education or career reasons.

How then in today's world can we say where we are from? How do we place importance over one singular aspect of your identity over another?

Taiye Selasi promotes the idea of being "multi-local"; taking into consideration those places or experiences we feel speak about us the most.
  • What are your multi-localities?
  • What aspects of you do they help to define?
perspective, achievement, achieve, michael laffey, life coach, michael laffey life coach
Is There Music in Everything?

Music features heavily in many people's wellbeing.

Some would argue that our often complex emotional self speaks a language only music can convey. That's an interesting point when you imagine how music can rekindle memories of people, time and places, it can motivate, inspire and relax. All in a moment.

In this lovely TED Talk given by Meklit Hadero you will hear her engaging take on music; how it is influenced by heritage, the role it can play in language, sounds in nature as well as asking us to question if silence really exists at all.
  • What does music do for you?
perspective, coaching, transformation, transformative, michael laffey, life coach, michael laffey life coach
Transformative Learning
What We Learn From Our Change

There's more to coaching.than setting SMART goals and finding balance.

The real buzz of coaching is how we learn from the transformation we go through. The goal may be the "eyes on the prize", that focus on the horizon, while life coaching is about learning more about ourselves and allowing ourselves to flourish.

A change often requires iterations of action and reflection. The latter being the key benefit of coaching.

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