Inition is showcasing the latest in visualisation technologies, exploring the many applications in stereoscopic, autostereoscopic and holographic devices.


You are invited to visit Inition's London Demo Studio for our next open event running from the 29th of November until the 1st of December.

Experience the latest in display and visualisation technologies and explore the many applications of Stereoscopic, Autostereoscopic, Holographic displays.

This event is targeted at both professional users of 3D displays (broadcast, medical, engineering, etc) and anyone interested in novel eye-catching displays for digital signage and in-store usage. We’ll be showing off the following technologies:
Stereoscopic 3D The latest products in visualisation and production including displays, projection, and filming equipment. 
Autostereoscopic No-glasses 3D displays for digital signage use. We’ll be demonstrating the highest-quality lenticular displays providing unrivalled glasses-free 3D experience. With up to 4K resolution, four times the resolution of standard displays this technology is no longer on its way, it's here.

Holographic Incorporating aspects of immersive technologies, these products provide the ability to view objects from multiple angles or incorporate images in free space. Pseudo-holographic displays offer new visualisation and in-store display potential.
Experiential Production Whist this event is centred around display technology, we’ll also be showing our project work. Inition’s unique experiential creative projects including our Gestural Voting Wall for the Conservative Party Conference, our Ford C-Max AR digital signage and our latest tablet-based AR work.

/VENUE Inition's demo studio comprises over 2000 sq ft bristling with the latest in professional 3D technology. Inition is the UK and Europe's leading independent 3D technology company with expertise gained through 10 years supplying industry with 3D solutions, productions and interactive experiences, all showcased at a central London location.  There is no better place to glimpse the future of Everything in 3D.

Inition would like to thank our partners for this event.
JVC, Projection Design, LG, Alioscopy, Philips, Dimenco, Holografika, Realfiction, Fogscreen, Holition.

To book a time and place, please call Shannon Dowsing on 020 7377 2949 or email

Inition Ltd, 23 Curtain Road, London EC2A 3LT.  Click here for directions.
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