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GLOBES students traveled to Washington D.C. in May to give science policy presentations on water quality issues in the Great Lakes and Arctic regions to U.S. State Department and federal agency officials as a result of the Diplomacy Lab course taught by Professor Emeritus David Lodge. Read more here. Photo Courtesy of Rachel Oidtman.
In August, GLOBES marks the ten year milestone of forming its first cohort of graduate students. Current fellows shown above take part in a GLOBES "speed friending" activity where students brief each other on cross-disciplinary research interests. GLOBES welcomes graduate students from the College of Arts & Letters, College of Engineering, College of Science, and Law School. Read the full news article on ten-year program accomplishments.
Guest journalists Kristin Bien of WSBT Television, Gary Sieber of WNDU Stations, and Erin Blasko of the South Bend Tribune, gave insights into the world of media and news reporting at the GLOBES Communication Training Module held at Innovation Park in February. They also conducted mock interviews with the 17 graduate student participants who put into practice messaging skills training to describe their research for new audiences.
GLOBES PhD student Salvatore Curasi wrote a guest post about Indiana connections to the Arctic region ecosystem for the U.S. State Department's blog, Our Arctic Nation. Sal conducts research on vegetation and permafrost in the Arctic tundra under Professor Adrian Rocha, Department of Biological Sciences. Read the entire Week 20 feature here.
GLOBES student Daniel Howard was a member of Team Indonesia for the Spring 2016 Business on the Front Lines MBA course. The interdisciplinary team partnered with Mercy Corps and traveled to Indonesia over spring break to study natural disasters, sustainable business practices, and community resilience. An applied mathematician, Daniel utilizes computational modeling skills to better predict the severity of damage caused by volcanic eruptions. Read more
Water Law is the GLOBES seminar topic for Fall 2016. The seminar will be taught by Professor Bruce Huber of the Notre Dame Law School. An expert on environmental law, Prof. Huber has adapted the two-credit law school course for students enrolled in the GLOBES Certificate in Environment and Society. The one-credit seminar (BIOS 60581-02) will give an overview of U.S. water law and policy.
GLOBES People Briefs
Prof. Jeffrey Feder, Director of GLOBES from 2005-2012, is one of two winners of the 2016 James A. Burns, C.S.C., Graduate School Award. Given annually to a faculty member for distinction in graduate teaching or other exemplary contribution to graduate education, the award honors Feder's "remarkable vision, coupled with unrelenting tenacity, in conceiving of and successfully implementing the GLOBES program."
Amy Hixon, Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences, has joined the GLOBES Executive Committee. Hixon's research interests address how processes at the mineral-water interface control actinide behavior. Actinides are present in the environment as a result of nuclear weapons product and nuclear fuel disposition and pose a long-term environmental concern due to their toxicity and long half-lives.
Gary Lamberti, Professor of Biological Sciences and Director of the Stream and Wetlands Ecology Laboratory, has agreed to serve as Director of GLOBES through 2018 after serving as interim director during AY2015/16.
Ginna Anderson, GLOBES program coordinator since its inception, retired from the University of Notre Dame after ten years of service this June. She sends best wishes to past and current GLOBES students.
Former GLOBES-IGERT trainees Brandy St. Laurent Ph.D. '13 and Becky Miller PhD '12 published research findings on drug-resistant malaria in Southeast Asia for the National Institutes of Health in the journal Nature Communications. The research was covered by several major news outlets including this BBC news article from October 2015. Brandy has also received a Gates Grand Challenges Explorations Grant to be carried out in Cambodia during 2016. These grants are a funding mechanism for testing novel ideas for disease control and elimination.
GLOBES-IGERT fellow Sherie Sanders (Pfrender Lab) successfully defended her PhD dissertation in Biological Sciences in April. Sheri studies Great Lakes salamanders and their response to disease using environmental DNA methodology. Her expertise in bioinformatics aided the assembly and analysis of the first genomic resource in this local system that will be useful to conservation managers throughout the Midwest.
GLOBES Certificate fellow and Medieval Studies scholar Mae Kilker is completing a Fulbright Fellowship to Sweden where she has interacted with a diverse group of environmental humanities researchers affiliated with the IHOPE (Integrated History and Future of People on Earth) Network at Uppsala University. Mae studies how early medieval people created an understanding of the natural world in their narratives and cultural memory and how these 
past human-environmental relations can be applied to current ecological issues, such as sea-rise and coastal erosion, taking place in the North Atlantic biocultural region today.
Katherine O'Reilly, PhD student in the Biological Sciences (Lamberti Lab) has joined the GLOBES Certificate program. Katherine studies linkages between near shore habitats and sport fish sustainability in Lake Michigan. Her research interests primarily focus on understanding anthropogenic effects on Great Lakes coastal ecosystems, as well as integrating research with citizen science and outreach programs.
Lainey Bristow, MS student in Biological Sciences (J Hellmann advisor), is a recent addition to GLOBES. Lainey studies climate change adaptation and endangered butterfly species while collaborating with the U.S.Geological Survey at the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore and National Park as a member of the Karner Blue Butterfly National Recovery Team.
Scholarship Serving Nature and Society
 Learn more about the GLOBES Certificate in Environment & Society here.
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