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April 2016 EDITION

HousingWorks Austin advocates for more affordable housing – all kinds of homes in all parts of town. But affordability is a function of income, as well as the cost of housing. The hard truth is that while incomes have remained relatively flat over the past 10+ years, housing costs have skyrocketed.
A new report from the National Low Income Housing Coalition details the gap in affordable and available housing across the country. The Austin metro area has a deficit of 55,515 affordable and available units for households at or below 30% Area Median Income (roughly equivalent to minimum wage earnings). For every 100 households in this earnings category, there are only 20 affordable and available units. The picture is fairly bleak across the country, and the Austin metro area ranks among the worst.
This month, HousingWorks Austin spotlights housing and employment all over Austin. In our newly released Housing + Jobs report, we explore the jobs-housing balance across the city and reveal disparities between employment and housing data by city council district. In our Keep Austin Affordable feature video, we highlight two families who are "learning more and earning more" thanks to comprehensive workforce training from Skillpoint Alliance. Recognizing deep disparities between city council districts will help us shape policies and invest in programs that close the gaps and unite our community.

-- Mandy DeMayo
Executive Director, HousingWorks Austin
View the HousingWorks City Council Housing Jobs Analysis
Research Finds Disparities in Jobs, Housing in City Council Districts
Which areas of Austin have the highest unemployment and uninsured rates? Where in the city would you expect to find the most low-wage jobs or the most workers with limited educational attainment? You may be surprised at some of the disparities we found that affect the need for affordable housing all over Austin. View the Housing Jobs Council District Analyses.  
Skillpoint Alliance Helps Workers with Barriers to Employment
Austin Workers Find Help Overcoming Barriers to Employment
Austin's economy continues to grow, but many workers in the area are missing out on the boom due to barriers such as a lack of skills or certifications, not having a high school diploma or GED or having a criminal record. In this month's Keep Austin Affordable video feature we meet two workers who found a fresh start thanks to Skillpoint Alliance. Watch it here.
bluebonnet studios
Foundation Communities Offers Early Look at Bluebonnet Studios
Another bond-funded affordable property is steaming toward grand opening in Austin. Bluebonnet Studios is expected to become home to more than 100 single adults this fall. To see how the property is shaping up, visit our website.
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