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January 2016 EDITION
Mandy DeMayo, HousingWorks Austin Executive Director

The new year brings more challenges in the pursuit of affordable housing. HousingWorks Austin will be involved in CodeNEXT, the initiative to rewrite the City's Land Development Code. We want to make sure  our growth supports our priorities, in particular affordable housing. We're also leading the Austin Community Investment Collaborative, working to create a "strike fund" for the preservation of affordable rental housing. 

This year we will continue pushing for a reinvigorated SMART housing program by updating both incentives and requirements for affordability. With careful calibration of the program, we will be able to expand participation and increase the number of affordable units on the ground. 

One of the changes we advocated for last year that came to fruition was fewer restrictions on accessory dwelling units (ADUs). The change has one nonprofit drawing up big plans to create more affordable "alley flats." That's the focus of our feature story.

-- Mandy DeMayo
Executive Director, HousingWorks Austin

Affordable Housing and Expansion at Rebekah Baines Johnson Center
Nonprofit Architecture Firm Predicts Boom in Affordable Alley Flats
It's now easier to build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) near your home, and that would bring in extra income. ADUs can also help fill Austin's need for more affordable housing. Austin Community Design & Development Center, ACDDC, helps homeowners build affordable ADUs called "alley flats," and they're expecting a boom in business. Read more about that and see the story of a family that became alley flat owners on our website
Why Should You Support HousingWorks Austin?

HousingWorks Austin is again taking part in Amplify Austin, a 24-hour online giving day that runs from March 8th at 6pm to March 9th at 6pm. This year, Amplify Austin is hoping to raise more than 9 million dollars for more than 500 nonprofits in Central Texas. Why should you remember HousingWorks when the giving starts rocking? We have the answer on our website. 
The Austin City Council is considering the creation of tenant relocation assistance requirements to help mitigate the effects of displacement caused by redevelopment, renovation or repair of multifamily properties, If you're concerned about these issues, like HousingWorks, you should attend a stakeholder meeting. The meeting will take place at 9am on Thursday, January 21st at 1000 East 11th Street, Room 400A. More information. 
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