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Dear AcroYogis and Yogis to be,
You might be asking yourself what on earth the connection could be between shampoo and Yoga philosophy… For some it might be far-fetched since the goal of Yoga is to ‘go inside’ and to reach enlightenment (or just to stretch) and shampoo is sold to make you look beautiful from the outside with clean gorgeous hair.
In this newsletter you can read about my take on trying to be a 'good yogi' and my own humble attempt to save the world + I share with you FREE & super easy homemade shampoo & conditioner recipe.
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About Shampoo & Yoga philosophy
One of the side-effects yoga had on me is that I have become more conscious… Not only more aware on how I feel in my body and mind but conscious how my own actions influence my environment (actions like; wanting, buying, eating or sharing opinions).

Having knowledge and being aware is not necessary easy. It’s really much more easy to live in ignorance and be influenced by advertisements made by smart marketers… Marketers try to influence the Ego of the person, they make you think that you need things, also things like shampoo: thousands of different kinds of shampoo made to make every kind of hair beautiful, and not to forget the conditioner that makes your hair shine without fluff. In short I could say that advertisements try to make us insecure en therefore needy and indifferent.

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali starts with “yoga chitta vritti nirodha", which could be translated as: "Yoga is the silencing of the modifications of the mind”. That background voice in everyone’s head that is thinking, distracting, opinionated, judgmental and also makes us insecure are the Vritti, which in the practice of yoga we try to quieten. When we live in a world bombarded with advertisements its sometimes hard to shut off the Vrittis, so we buy stuff we think is good for us.

Yoga philosophy is quite the opposite of shampoo advertisements. The yoga philosophy guides us to be moderate in all we do (Brachmacharya) and live in non-violence (Ahimsa). With my conscious and knowledge growing, washing my hair with shampoo made out of Palm-oil and fragrance, became for me a real problem: How could I continue killing Orangutans, polluting the seas with chemicals and empty plastic shampoo bottles, support sexist gender discrimination in advertisement and more! (click on the words for explanations).

This knowledge and awareness made me feel uncomfortable every time I took a shower; How on earth could I manage to be ‘a good yogi’ with clean hair…? A quote from Mahatma Ghandi - "Be the change you wan to see in the world" - made me decide to take action. After a long period trying out expensive Palm-oil-fragrance-chemical-free-eco-friendly shampoos (which, btw didn’t solve the plastic bottle problem) I think I found an answer for yogic wisdom with clean and beautiful hair:
For the last few months I have made my own ‘shampoo & conditioner’ from Baking soda (zuiveringszout) and (organic) apple vinegar. Both are natural and not harmful for the environment AND it actually made my hair look and feel even better than regular shampoo (recipe below) !

And now I'm going to make some shampoo and conditioner to take with me for a whole weekend of yoga at Yoga Festival Terschelling.
Esther Hertog,

The Flying AcroYogi
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The shampoo recipe: 
Take a (used) bottle and fill it with one-quarter baking Soda and three-quarter of (filtered) water, shake well! Then squirt it over your wet hair and massage into scalp and hair (this ‘shampoo’ doesn’t foam). Rinse as normal.


The Conditioner recipe:
Take a (used) bottle and fill it with one-quarter apple vinegar and three-quarter of (filtered) water, you can add a few drops of essential oil for the smell, shake well. Squirt the mix over your wet hair and massage into scalp and hair, wait 2-3 minutes. Rinse as normal.

Overview upcoming workshops & Classes:

• ​Thursday​
​ - 29 Jun​
, 2014
 â€‹ |​ 
Yoga Festival Terschelling 

• Saturday 05 Jul, 201
​4​ | 
AcroYoga workshops en demos met Dieke | Yoga Festival Haarlem | Landgoed Elswout

• Sunday 06 Jul, 2014
​ |​ 
AcroYoga in Tilburg: Ouder & Kind  | Blauwe Parel, Tilburg | 11:00-13:00 

• Sunday 06 Jul, 2014
​ |​ 
 AcroYoga in Tilburg: All levels & Masterclass | Blauwe Parel, Tilburg | 15:00-17:30 & 19:00-21:00

• Zaterdag 12 juli | workshop ouder&kind op het strand | Zeeland Domburg | 10:00 - 12:00

• Zaterdag 12 juli |
AcroYoga workshop Level 1 op het strand | Zeeland Domburg | 18:00

• 9 Augustus | Ouder & Kind AcroYoga |
Yoga by the sea | Domburg, Zeeland | 10:00

• 9 Augustus | AcroYoga Level 1 |
Yoga by the sea| Domburg, Zeeland | 18:00

• ​10
 Augustus | AcroYoga Level 2 | Yoga by the sea| Domburg, Zeeland | 10:00

• 10 
Augustus | AcroYoga Jam sessie | Yoga by the sea| Domburg, Zeeland | 16:00
Looking forward to Flying with you!

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