The revolutionary E-Series flow chemistry system
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The Revolutionary E-Series Flow Chemistry System

Robust, Easy to Use, Affordable

The new Vapourtec E-Series flow chemistry system offers a breakthrough in simplicity and robustness while providing unprecedented value for money.


Up to 3 reagent pumps, and 2 reactor positions which each accept the full range of tube and column reactors from the popular and well proven Vapourtec R-Series platform.

Simple, reliable and smooth pumping across a wide range of flow rates. Capable of pumping strong acids, organometallic reagents, light suspensions and even gases.

Easy to use
Clear, intuitive touch screen user interface. Pumps that self prime. Adjustable acid compatible back pressure regulator. All up and running in seconds.
The V-3 Pump
At the heart of the E-Series lies a revolutionary new pumping system which delivers a smooth constant flow and offers excellent chemical compatibility
- Strong acids
- Organometallic reagents
- Suspensions
- Gases
Inert Gas Blanketing
The E-Series handles moisture sensitive and pyrophoric reagents with ease. With the built in inert gas blanketing system and reactors providing true -70C capability, the E-Series is ideal for organometallic chemistry.

Automated Collection
The E-Series handles the automated collection of product and waste streams easily with the available collection valve kit.
Intuitive Touch Screen User Interface
The E-Series has been designed with ease of use in mind. The rugged touch screen interface gives simple, intuitive access to all the system functions.
In addition to the straightforward system controls the interface includes a range of advanced tools to ensure the design of experiments is an easy, straightforward process. 
Advanced E-Series Tools
The advanced tools allow the user to design the best reaction conditions from the start saving time and valuable reagents. Automating experiments for unattended use is both safe and easy. The tools include the, unique to Vapourtec, dispersion profiling, giving clear, graphical representations of the reactor's dispersion characteristics and residence time distribution (RTD).
Laboratory Teaching Manual available with all E-Series systems

Vapourtec has developed (in conjunction with the New Synthetic Methods group at the University of Connecticut) a book of laboratory teaching materials that introduce students to the key concepts of flow chemistry and includes 8 practical teaching experiments.

The E-Series customer book makes it possible to include hands on flow chemistry in the undergraduate chemistry syllabus with the minimum of effort. Alternatively efficiently introduce chemists, new to flow chemistry, to the key methods and techniques. 

Finally – Flow Chemistry Within Reach
To many researchers in academic departments, a flexible flow chemistry system with a true scale-up capability has simply been out of reach. The E-Series changes that. An entry level E-Series system costs a similar amount to a typical lab microwave synthesizer.
And for medicinal chemists who want a simple yet powerful tool for exploratory and scale up experiments, the E-Series offers a previously unavailable stepping stone into flow chemistry.

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