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Hi Gabriella
So here we are coming to the end of 2015 – just a few short weeks left before we embark on a whole new year of opportunities.
And my question to you is “How intentional are you going to be about this transition from the old year to the new?
In the time between Christmas and the first day back at work it’s a bit like the pause at the bottom of an exhalation, a moment to fully let go and relax before breathing in again.

It’s a chance to rest and recharge, to do the important things like connect with loved ones and to be introspective – to reflect on what went well this year, what you learned and what you choose to let go of.
And it’s the perfect time to get focused on what you want in 2016 and to set those powerful intentions of what you’ll commit to in order to manifest them.
If you’ve been frustrated that you’ve not been seeing the results you’d hoped for in 2015 then it’s largely because your conscious desires have been out of alignment with your unconscious beliefs.

And if you don’t change those beliefs, you’ll think the same thoughts and you’ll repeat the same behaviours – which means you’ll keep getting the same less-than-you-deserve results.
So if you want to break through and make significant difference in your business and your life, you need to get doing some significant inner work to change those beliefs that have been limiting you and keeping you in a holding pattern.
I know some of you have plans to take yourself off, whether to a quiet room for a few hours, or on retreat, to connect inwards and get clear about what you want to create for 2016, which is brilliant. 
I’m doing something like that myself. I’ve booked myself on to a Vipassana course, which is a ten day meditation programme.

Now that might sound lovely… ten days of peace and quiet…

But it’s actually ten days of really hard work!
The practice is intensive focus on the present moment, 4am starts, 10+ hours of meditation a day, silence and no eye contact with any one else throughout, no writing permitted, no other practices like yoga or tai chi permitted so you focus purely on the Vipassana teachings, and no food after noon except a piece of fruit… if you’re lucky!
You spend four and a half days focusing on the point between your upper lip and your nostrils before you even start the Vipassana method properly! And when you do start you must commit to periods of meditation for one hour where you do not move your body at all.
It can be so uncomfortable – last time I did it I felt like I’d been sitting on a spike for 9 days! (On day 10 the pain miraculously disappeared and it was blissful!)
Throughout the process one moment you feel just fine and then something comes up to make your world less than perfect. You get sleepy, or your mind wanders, or this or that emotion comes up, negative tapes and annoying songs play over and over in your mind, you feel angry, you start running all sorts of fantasies, focusing on being hungry, doing things to divert yourself.

Basically, all the sources of your unhappiness come into focus: your cravings and aversions, painful memories, inappropriate yet habitual behavior patterns: all your demons!
It’s no picnic!
I hear you – you’re thinking I’m nuts!
So why the hell am I doing this to myself?
Well, first of all I’m not the only crazy person! Getting a place on this was harder than getting tickets for Glastonbury! I couldn’t get on at all last year.
But the main reasons I’m doing it is because you receive incredible personal insights and it’s like an internal purification process, consciously and intensively stripping out the negative beliefs stored in the unconscious mind that subtly influence your daily decisions and keep you stuck in habitual actions, without being able to see a way out. 
When you observe all the phenomena arise from the senses of the body and the mind, and let it be without pushing it away, clinging to past pleasures or wanting something different than it is – it is the ultimate way to connect with the natural and powerful flow of life.
As you work through the blockages to your intrinsic happiness the nature of your consciousness, which is effortless joy, fills you up. It’s as if dirt is being cleaned away from a window, letting the sun that was always there shine through. 
I can’t really put in to words how profoundly this affected me when I did it the first time 12 years ago, but my whole life changed because I’d released so many blockages to that flow, and the energy and clarity I had available to me for the work I was doing with my clients was incredible!
So that’s why I’m doing it.

I think that’s pretty intentional!
So how are you going to release limiting beliefs and get yourself in the mindset to create what you want for yourself in 2016? Have you got the support you need in place?
While doing something so full on as a Vipassana might not be practical or attractive to you, you can benefit vicariously from me doing it!
I’m going to be in the best energy EVER come January 9th, after I’ve decompressed and fitted back into life again, which means my clients are going to benefit HUGELY!
So if you want a business and a life you love, that flows creatively from your heart; that makes you money while you make a difference – and you would like some support with finding clarity, eliminating blocks and resistance and setting your year up for success, then I have space for five Discovery Calls before the end of the year.

And if you're quick we could start before the year ends so you can make the most of your Christmas break by doing some inner home work that I can send you off with!

So if you feel called to do some powerful inner transformation work and you want to benefit from me being lit up with energy like a Christmas tree, then send me an email and we’ll schedule a time to talk.

To your extraordinary life,

Much love,

Cathy x
P.S. I'd love to connect with you more and hear what your intentions are for making 2016 magnificent. So come on over to my Facebook group, the Spiritual Business Hub and join in the conversation. There are all sorts of comments being shared about how to keep mind, body and spirit in great shape while you run your purposeful business.

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