The Monthly - Summer edition.
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It’s a Monthly free-for-all!

Here’s some good news to kick off the New Year: we have unlocked all our articles, essays and videos for the month of January. Non-subscribers now have full access to the Monthly’s website, and are free to explore our archive: nearly ten years’ worth of reportage, essays and reviews written by some of Australia’s finest thinkers, journalists and critics. It’s a summer reading bonanza, full of engaging reads to help you while away those long, hot afternoons. 
To start you off, here are ten of our favourite short reads from last year. Enjoy!

1. Scott Morrison at Shirelive

     Presents, prayers and asylum seekers
     By Sunil Badami

2. Tony Abbott’s war on information

      Why a good media strategy is no way to run a country
      By Sean Kelly

3. Tim Fischer on the Ghan

      From Adelaide to Alice Springs with a train devotee
      By Ann Arnold

4. Mosquito diplomacy

      A plan to stop dengue fever sets off invasion fears in Indonesia
      By Ashley Hay

5. How a Vietnamese veteran found refuge in Australia

      Al Hoang’s journey from soldier to prisoner to boat person to a second life
      By Alex McClintock

6. Nuclear waste at Muckaty

      A trip to the site of a proposed nuclear waste dump on Aboriginal land 
      By André Dao

7. Querulants

      What makes a litigant turn vexatious?
      By Sam Bungey

8. Books on wheels

     On the road with the librarians who deliver
     By Ceridwen Dovey 

9. Yesterday’s gone

      In the rush online, newspapers have deleted today and tomorrow
      By Robyn Annear

10. Star noise

        The world’s biggest radio telescope is under construction in WA
        By Michael Lucy
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