Zimkids News - April 2016
Our new friends...Swansea Football Club :)

You may well of heard that earlier this month we had our biggest event yet in Swansea, Wales. One of our Shamwaris, Kate Rees, did an absolutely phenomenal job with the organisation, preparation and delivery of the event and as such it was a roaring success. The event brought in £15,000 profit and the wider impact has been amazing too.

There were 450 people in attendance, at least 10 Swansea City football players there on the evening as well as a Rugby star, an actor, several Rugby and Football pundits and the local press! It was just amazing and a real opportunity for us to spread the word of Zimkids.

If you enjoy a 'Question of Sport' take a look at the video below of the night, it is mainly just of the Quiz but if you enjoy the programme you'll love it and it'll give you a feel for the event!

Click here for the video

There are also some professional pics on our Flickr page too if you're interested...

Click here for the photos

As you all know £15,000 will make a big difference to us and one particular thing we're planning on doing with those funds is building a permanent classroom in one of our townships and hiring a teacher there. Our children there will then be able to be taught English and Literacy every afternoon in the safety of their own community which will enable them to pass their exams.

We'd also like to give a big shout to Tom York, our volunteer Communications Consultant, who wrote a press-release after the Swansea Event and sent it to the Wimbledon Guardian who published it on their website!!! You can read that below. Tom has been a real blessing to us and all in his spare time, thank you Tom.

Click here for the article

It was an incredible privilege to be there in a room full of high-profile people and a completely new audience talking about a small, humble and deeply relational charity and we're thankful to everyone involved.

If you have any event ideas (you don't have to plan the whole thing like Kate!) or groups of people you think would like to hear about the charity you support, please get in touch lauren@zimkids.org.

We are a family and we'd be nothing without you all!

Until next month...

Lauren and the UK team