What if someone approached you and made you a real offer- Change the way you eat and you can save the world. Would you do it?  Of course you would.

Well guess what? It IS real if you change the way you eat right now and voted with your dollar, a mass amount of people choosing to eat plant based really could change the planet.  If we look at our planet and her oceans in a sensitive way, we can see messages the earth is sending us about the way we should be eating and the damage we are doing- damage to the planet and to our health.

We used to be the same inside as our environment was outside. In other words, we kept our microbiome healthy by being one with the earth and environment in which we lived. We nourished ourselves and strengthened our bodies and immune systems by simply eating off the trees, bushes and the land. Even ingesting a bit of soil containing bacteria with our food. There are more microbes in one handful of healthy soil than there are people that ever existed on the planet. This way of drawing sustenance and balance from the earth created and maintained harmony between humans and the environment. It reminds me of a saying: “Eat organic food, or as your great grandparents called it, ‘food’.”  

Today, the vast majority of our nation’s food supply is the opposite of organic. Factory industrial farming is very damaging to the planet, and us in a lot of ways.  Most industrialized farming is dependent on chemicals such as glyphosates which eventually create land that is devoid of microorganisms. The microbes are key for fertilizing the plants and fixing carbon in the soil and nitrogen to the roots of the plants.  In addition the chemicals have proven to cause cancer and other chronic diseases.  Not to mention that the tilling of the land that is responsible for the vast amount of carbon built up in out atmosphere and global warming which has many deleterious ramifications. Warming our oceans just a few degrees has resulted in the mass death of coral reefs all over the planet.  What we humans need to understand is that the oceans with their coral are the lungs of the earth.  They create oxygen and absorb CO2.  The coral are homes for our disappearing fish and sea creatures which are food for the larger ocean fish.  We humans could learn a lesson from the coral. They are a combination between plant and animals. They are so adaptive and cooperative they can grow into gigantic high rises and mold into each other in perfect harmony.  And a few degrees of global warming has destroyed vast beds through our ignorance and greed.
Industrialized farming and should be legally prohibited. It leads to a food supply that is processed in ways that renders it almost devoid of nutritive value and toxic.  Not to mention sterilized, devoid of healthy microbes, irradiated, plastic-wrapped, pasteurized, microwaved and extremely harmful for the environment. The amount of land tilled, chemicals used, and concomitant pollution dumped into waterways that poison local waters and oceans all to maintain our appetite for a meat-based diet, is stunning. So pervasive it is that, according to a recent article in The Atlantic, if we merely replaced meat with beans in our diet in this country, we’d mitigate much of the world’s greenhouse gas and global warming problem promptly. Factory farming magnifies climate change by releasing huge volumes of greenhouse gases, in particular CO2 and methane.  
We only need to look at two sides of the health issue of our lifetimes to see the dire impact of our factory farming, meat-centric diet. During Spring 2020, many went outside to take in the wonderful planetary healing effects the Coronavirus has forced upon us. Skies cleared over all major cities; on the East Coast, urban air pollution levels dropped by up to 35 percent. So did the “human hum,” the collective acoustic measurement of human activity on the planet. Oceans became are full of life and clean again, canals are pure crystal and filled with fish in Venice for the first time in our lifetimes, the pink flamingoes retuned to Mumba and the largest ozone defect, over the Arctic, mended. The millions who live in New Delhi, India, accustomed to wearing masks to protect themselves from the choking, noxious brown city air for decades, saw something not visible for more than 30 years — the Himalayan Mountains appeared on the northern horizon. All of this has happened far faster than scientists ever thought possible.

However, from the factories come an ironic and tragic juxtaposition to this: the way Coronavirus ravaged meat packing facilities throughout the country. The women and men that work these plants already risk their lives daily by toiling in less than sanitary conditions as they kill, cut and process cows, pigs and chickens to feed our meat-centered national food supply. The employees are already exposed to countless animal-borne diseases, not to mention the emotional impact of implementing and watching these animals die. Additionally, they have few workers’ rights while at the mercy of mega-corporations tightly aligned with the Department of Agriculture, in both policy and subsidy payments, to keep our national meat addiction well supplied. If we practiced plant-based diets, either in part or in whole, we would not need to keep the meat processing plants open. Nor would humans and animals have to die. Is the virus or God trying to get us to see something here? We would save countless billions of gallons of water from water used to raise the crops we feed the livestock we raise for food, create a far cleaner environment, and assure greater health for ourselves and our animals. A lot of these underlying conditions that hamper many COVID-19 patients? They rarely appear in those with a plant-based diet. However now nearly two years after Corona drove us inward the vaccine campaign has controlled the spread.  This is good for many but unfortunately much of earth damaging activity has resumed. 

The open ocean fishing is just as damaging as meat is to the health of humanity and our planet. which uses nets anywhere from 300 feet to 7 miles long are ravaging the ocean population with their gill nets. Gill nets are a wall of netting that hangs in the water and the fish cannot see or sense them. Once banned in  Gill nets are major risk for sea turtles, whales, porpoise, dolphins, seals, many kinds of fish and even sea lions. They are called bykill and most do not survive. Many countries that have banned gill net fishing have found an increase in fish caught by fisherman the result. Again when we take the pressure off our planet we see her return.  It is projected if this type of fishing is not banned we will have a fishless ocean by 2050.  The ocean can not survive without fish and we can not survive without the ocean.

 Many say plastics and nanoplastics are the big “kill” in our oceans. Certainly, a problem. The vast majority of plastic in the oceans today is from fishing nets and they are deadly.  It is estimated that the amount of nets sets on a daily basis are enough to encircle the earth 500X.  We kill 2.7 trillion fish per year. Algae, plankton and coral store 98% of the world’s carbon and generate 80% of world’s oxygen. Without them we and our planet will perish.
Is this really worth it?

Why are we putting our food supply through these unnatural processes? For the past century, chemicals and pollutants used to increase food volume and income for agribusiness have contaminated our environment. In a cynical twist, these same chemicals and pollutants used as pesticides and fertilizers to grow our food supply cause are killing people by acting as carcinogens and potent neuroendocrine disruptors!
We can turn back the clock on the 6th mass extinction of the planet and address the health crisis if we simply change the way we eat. Vote with our dollars! Eat a plant based vegan diet. If you need to eat meat make it regeneratively raised because it benefits the planet by drawing carbon down and uses no chemicals. Together we can do this!
IGTV  LIVE! - Friday April 30, 2021 by Gayle Randall MD
What is Good for You is Good for the Planet – Change to Plant-Based Vegan

Soul Stories Podcast hosted by Dr Gayle Randall with Dr. Mimi Guarneri and regenerative farmers Blue Nest Beef. 


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An excerpt from Soul Doctoring,
the highly anticipated forthcoming book by Dr. Randall:
Although interfacing with Source or Cosmic Consciousness is usually spontaneous, it is the prepared soul that receives “preferential” access. The healed body, mind, spirit and emotional being can more easily access the One Mind.

Which leads to my call to action for all of us, the call of Soul Doctoring: Heal ourselves. Connect with Oneness. Plug your intention, consciousness, actions and energy into One Mind – One Planet.

Is this a bold call? Yes, indeed. However, these are troubled times that call for bold words and actions. We need to effect change — rapidly — and this is the most direct way. If we wake up and realize we are One People of One Planet, and that human and planetary health and well-being are in trouble, then we can create a critical mass of people with common intention that can effect global change immediately despite our cultural and religious differences. Heal Yourself, Heal the Planet.

Personal and planetary health go hand-in-hand.  It starts by placing your positive intention into healing the earth and changing your own behavior in every way possible. Conserve water, don’t waste food, start a compost pile, car pool, recycle, drive an electric or hybrid car, use solar or other alternative energy sources, grow a garden, plant trees, stop the use of single-use plastics, and buy washable bags for produce, or cloth bags to carry your groceries. Demonstrate, sign petitions, and engage in meaningful public awareness campaigns. Eat organic, locally grown produce.

It has been shown that if a critical mass of people become love and meditate on peace, the resultant electromagnetics reduces crime rate, improves beneficial energies and can even be measured. 

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