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 Soul Stories 10 hosted by Dr Gayle Randall featuring Big Z , Zion Clark, star of the Award-Winning Netflix Documentary "Zion", and featured on The Ellen Show⁣⁣⁣. He is the fastest man alive- on his arms!  Zion is attempting to make history by becoming the American to qualify for the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic Games (wheelchair sprint) in 2021. Zion is an amazing human being. What he has overcome to become the person he is - amazing! Tune in Monday, March 8 on your favorite podcast station to hear for yourself. Listen to this profound discussion between Dr Randall and Zion, revealing his true heroic nature!

This yummy vegan organic pizza is a cauliflower crust covered with vegan Miyoko cheese, organic Muir tomato sauce, diced onions, red sweet pepper, garlic, fresh basil from the garden, and sliced crimini mushrooms.
Constructed on a pizza stone sprinkled with cornmeal for a little crunch and thorough cooking. Baked at 425F for 15-20 min.
My family and I like it a little brown around the edges. 
 -Soulicious, Soulnourishment by Dr Randall
Dr Randall is one of the two covers on the first published Zion Zane Magazine coming soon! 

ZionZane International Magazine is coming out in glorious print very soon! Francesca Marotta is the chief editor and owner, and Dr Gayle Randall is the contributing editor. The theme of the magazine is lifting and raising up people so that they can initiate events and be leaders with strong personalities, not just followers. This magazine is unique in many ways, as it will have two covers that showcase the Rising Star and The Legend. Zion will be curating All Rising Stars, the Future, the Promised Land, All Shakers, Movers, and the Legends.
Zane means gift of God, the Creator, the Universe.
PLAY>> Blue Nest Beef -a Planet Saving System- a special episode on Soul Stories. Todd Churchill and Russ Conser are the brains and brawn behind a whole new concept of raising cattle. Using biomimicry, like the buffalo roam allows cattle to be raised for food that is actually good for you. This is due to the grass which is full of omega 3 fatty acids and phytonutrients in happy cattle. Learn about Regenerative farming on this episode!
PLAY>> Master Healer Howard Wills 
Listen to an Incredible healer from Hawaii, Howard Wills. Do a live meditation with Howard and Dr. Randall, only on Soul Stories!
 Check her out on INSTAGRAM LIVE
for special tips on creating a healthy diet and a healthy planet.
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