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Gayle Madeleine Randall MD
My friend and karate partner, Judy introduced me to Richard, a Powhatan man passionate about nature and the sacred purpose of hunting. Richard showed me a remote area of Red Box Canyon, where humans do not tread. We went to hunt deer but not to kill them. We almost canceled the trip because of the possibility of rain.  However, when we spoke by phone at 4 a.m., we decided it wasn’t going to rain.  

When we arrived, the sun was beginning to scatter its first rays over the eastern ridge. We parked our truck near the top of the mountain. Richard pointed toward a nearly overgrown path, invisible to most passers-by. We ambled down the side of the mountain in our camouflaged clothes, making little crunching noises as we walked on the clear, crisp fall morning. I watched for the wooden cross of sticks that Richard had left to mark the steep descent into the canyon.  
After walking and enjoying the sweetness of the early morning air, Richard spoke in a low voice. “The deer are the king of the animals in these parts. When the deer go, the people will go, too.”  An unfathomable sadness dropped over his face like a veil. “When we come upon a group of deer, watch them. The oldest, most feeble doe that will not make it through the winter will stay behind as the rest of the herd scatters.  She gives herself away so the others may escape and live. Most gun hunters shoot the biggest, most virile buck. Taking him out hurts the survival of the deer tribe. It doesn’t make sense in the natural order of things. Watch carefully for the old doe. She will only give you a moment. She has a bit of gray just under her belly where the front legs meet her body, and she won’t be as sleek and fast as the others. There is no more compassionate or noble creature than the deer.” 

In that moment, a deeper understanding penetrated my heart.  I recalled the stories my Sioux teachers had told during my pre-med years, specifically about the agreement the four-leggeds made with man. “It is an agreement between man and the animals made a long time ago,” Richard confirmed. “In return, the humans are to be keepers of the land.” We humans would be guardians of the planet, dedicating ourselves to protecting the animals and all living beings… and the earth.

Wouldn’t that be nice if we all felt and lived in such a reverent way?
Richard taught me how to shoot a longbow, track deer, and embrace the ceremonial aspects of hunting. I came to see the sacred agreement between animal and man as the ancients must have experienced it. After affirming my observations and memories, Richard’s eyes grew dark. “Mankind has forgotten their part of the agreement.”

We came to the crossed sticks and left the path to make our steep descent into the canyon.  A snort and rustle of brush arose from the tree line.  “They know we’re here,” Richard said.  “That sounded like the territorial snort of a buck. When you walk into a forest like this, it creates a wave of reaction in the wildlife for miles. They sense your presence and communicate to each other.”  This led me to reflect on how everything we do creates waves in existence and affects the balance of the earth.

When we reached the bottom of the canyon, we found a California bay laurel tree. We rubbed its sweet, pungent leaves all over us to cover our scent. Richard showed me the deer trails and piles of scat, along with tracks and scat of bear, raccoon, bobcat, coyote and other animals. I learned to tell how many deer are in a band and to distinguish does from bucks by their prints. We saw many deer and played countless hours of “I see you before you see me.” After a while, the deer seemed to know we were not going to harm them; some were even playful. I felt like I had found home.
We headed downstream to explore more of this sacred place, the clear ice-cold waterfalls, and pictures within the matrices of stones. It didn’t seem possible, but the giant silvery stones populating the river had white crystalline markings that told stories of days gone by, the ancient history of the canyon.  One stone carried a perfectly outlined, moccasined foot. That became a landmark and prayer spot for me when I later returned to Red Box Canyon. In another stone, a tall brave held a spear above his head.

The stones spoke of the richness of spirit in an old growth forest unchanged by mankind since the beginning of time.  Not only is the preservation of such places essential to keep our Mother Earth in balance, but maintaining our connection with nature is an inescapable part of balancing public and planetary health.   
Are Your Hormones Making You Feel Imbalanced?
Feel Happy – Balance Your Hormones!

Gayle M Randall MD
Credit: Healthline
Bioidentical Hormone Therapy
Are your hormones contaminated with toxins from your food or the environment?

Herbicides pesticides and fungicides are potent neuroendocrine disruptors. They bind to your hormone receptor sites tighter than your natural hormones. And if you are a woman with premenstrual syndrome or menopause it can magnify your symptoms and cause serious problems. The goal is to try and avoid these chemicals as much as possible and clean them out with detoxifying foods and activities.
A lot of women may have hormone imbalance and not even realize it. They often don’t recognize the symptoms. Symptoms can also be masked by medications prescribed for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and weight gain. Other women have debilitating symptoms that interfere with their daily life. 
Symptoms that indicate an imbalance include:
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Unexplained weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • Mood swings
  • Sleep problems
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Decreased libido
  • Brain fog
If you suffer from these symptoms, consult with an expert such as Dr Randall find out if you’d benefit from hormone therapy. She checks your hormones to determine if they’re out of balance and knows the symptoms situations women present with very well. Dr Randall has been dealing with women and helping rebalance their hormones for more than 30 years.
What causes a hormone imbalance in women?
Hormone imbalances in women can occur as part of the natural aging process. It also can be part of the regular menstrual cycle. However it can be made worse with poor diet and lifestyle.
Women approaching or going through menopause, as well as those who have just given birth or experienced cancer treatment, may be at risk for hormonal imbalance as well.
Hormone balance is also affected by diet, exercise habits, and stress.  We all need to eat lots of ORGANIC fruits and vegetables to clean out excess hormone toxins.  Meats have more of these toxins especially non-organic meats. Sugar and coffee can also cause more hormonal disruption.
For all ages choosing as much organic food as possible is important. Also doing detoxes with green drinks, sweats an exercise can help tremendously. Green drinks should be made in a Vitamix or the equivalent to retain the fiber elements of the fruits and vegetables. The fiber slows the digestion and makes it a slower carb. Parsley, cilantro and dandelion greens are particularly cleansing. Add carrot or apple to tone the taste.  If the hormonal symptoms are very troubling herbs like milk thistle and glutathione can help your liver clean out the excess toxins that interfere with your hormonal functioning .
What are the effects of a hormone imbalance in women?
Hormones govern a wide variety of bodily systems, not just your mood and sexuality. Imbalanced levels can put you at risk for diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s disease, and thyroid disease. They protect against these conditions when balanced.  Cognitive decline speeds with low estrogen levels because it catalyzes the production of acetylcholine in your brain where memory is key. My patients often tell me that can feel when their estrogen is low because they can’t remember things.

Hormone imbalances can also cause metabolism problems and abnormalities with your menstrual cycle and breasts. Sore breasts indicate excess estrogen or an imbalance in the estrogen to progesterone ratio.  This can be handled easily with DIM or milk thistle or if very severe in premenstrual women a little progesterone  the week before menses can be a miracle.
What are the treatments for hormone imbalance in women?

You don’t have to suffer the negative effects of a hormone imbalance. There are many options depending on your age whether you suffer from PMS or Menopause.  Treatment may be as simple as an herb such as Vitex for low progesterone. 
Menopausal women have several options as well. Creams, gels, patches, touches or BioTE hormone replacement therapy pellets which offer an effective, safe way to prevent the effects of hormone irregularities. And are truly bioidentical and blood levels do not vary making a much happier regulated woman.
Bioidentical hormones are a natural alternative to chemical or animal-derived hormones used in traditional hormone replacement therapy. Compounded creams and BioTE products are made from plant ingredients like yams. They’re structured to match the hormones your body produces naturally, so your body uses them effectively and efficiently.
Both creams and BioTE hormone pellets are customized to match your body’s needs. Bioidentical hormones can include estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and DHEA, an adrenal precursor often recommended to combat the signs of aging or fatigue.
Unless you have a family or personal history of female cancer bioidentical hormone replacement is good for your brain, heart, cholesterol level, skin, stabilize weight and energy. Newer studies have shown they not only do not cause cancer they prevent it.
The FDA would prefer to think otherwise probably for financial reasons.
Just know there are choices for you and feeling balanced and happy is your choice!



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Vegan Vegetable Medly Sauce with Spinach Fettuccini

First I made a mushroom pomodoro sauce with organic Muir tomatoes, some fresh ones from my garden, criminology mushrooms and basil from my garden. Then I sautéed onions and garlic in olive oil. Added a little carrots for sweetness, colored peppers, asparagus and this amazing trumpet mushroom I found at the market. Also added cilantro and basil for taste, zucchini and a few dandelion greens. Soulishious!!!!
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