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Some of our one of a kind guests on Soul Stories this coming year:

  • Emeran Mayer, MD Distinguished Professor UCLA, author NY Times bestseller Mind Gut Connection
  • Danielle Delaney Th.D. Crisis Intervention Counselor, specialist in Addiction & Recovery Aftercare, Rape Crisis Counselor, Interfaith Spiritual Counselor, Sober Coach and Interventionist. Specializes in Special Victims/Crime Survivors. Author of award-winning Expect Delays: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma.
  • Glenn Brooks, CEO and host of Vibrant Living radio show is an innovator of relational transformational coaching and the Founder of the Vibrant Living Programing. Internationally renowned coach, entrepreneur, radio host, and self-renewal expert, with more than three decades of experience, Glenn Brooks is a master at distilling idea into practical applications.
  • Olivia Hussey was chosen out of 800 actresses to play the role of Juliet in Franco Zeffirelli’s film version of Romeo and Juliet in 1968. She won a Golden Globe and the David di Donatello Award for her performance, and gained international recognition. Reunited with Zeffirelli in the miniseries Jesus of Nazareth and Mary, mother of Jesus in 1977. Hussey played the lead in Mother Teresa of Calcutta in 2003 a biographical film for which she was presented with a Character & Morality in Entertainment Award in May 2007. it had been her dream and wish to portray the role of Mother Teresa of Calcutta since she finished her role as the Virgin Mary. Also she is an author of her memoir, The Girl on the Balcony: Olivia Hussey Finds Life After Romeo and Juliet, was released on 31 July 2018. Olivia has spent her life spreading goodness and light on screen and off and still does as animal and human rights activist amongst other things. The planet is lucky to have her as she is always a beacon of positivity and light to us all.
  • AJ McKee, undefeated Bellator MMA and Antonio McKee -the winningest Bellator coach of the Body Shop. AJ his son is known for his motto “Million Dollar Mind Set”
  • Howard Wills, Internationally known healer and Big Kahouna on Kauai. For 45 years, Howard Wills has worked with people all over the world and performed marvelous, miraculous transformations. His life-transforming gatherings and one-on-one sessions help people permanently release obstacles that block them from living expansive, healthy and joyful lives filled with love, happiness and freedom. Howard is an extension of God light here on the planet.
  • Connie Grauds, Jungle Medicine Woman. Author of Jungle Medicine Woman and true shamana colleague of great recently passed Antonio Moreno jungle shaman.
  • Bruce Parker, a true healer that did not get licensed as a doctor in chiropractic until his 40’s. His early experiences in the service, Vietnam and Cambodia helped shape his unique perspective in life. 
  • Joey Black Ice, Undefeated MMA Champion and his father Joey Davis. Author of From Compton to Cleveland.
  • Larry Green, CEO and entrepreneur of Genesis, a unique one of a kind effective body, mind spirit training organization.
  • Francesca Marotta, well known successful fashion magazine owner and editor who just launched a one of a kind international magazine promoting and examining human connection and Oneness of ZionZane.
  • Rebecca Mink of Mink Vegan Shoes. The first to innovate and develop completely vegan Italian shoe company.
  • Audrey Hope, spiritual and healer on so many levels who shares her light and vision for the planet.
  • Richard Greene, visionary and political activist speaks about what’s next for us here & life after Trump.
  • Sam Bertram, CEO & CoFounder of OnePointOne and Willo - unique form of future truly organic farming, and working toward providing people with the opportunity to own their own farms, and food as medicine.
  • Richard Radstone, Creator of Podcast Sidewalk Ghost Stories 
  • Noah Rothschild, LMFT Psychotherapist and Specialist Inner Child 
  • Reena Freidman Watts, Better Call Daddy podcast 
  • Andy Rosenfarb, Ophthalmologist & Doctor of Chinese medicine
  • Zion Clark, All American, Pro Track Athlete in Disabled Division, Award Winning Netflix Documentary
  • Timothy Kercheville, Regenerative farmer and activist for the betterment of the planet and the human condition

Dr. Randall the Soul Doctor, author of Soul Doctoring-  Heal Yourself Heal the Planet, shares her 40 years of experience as a cross cultural practitioner, medical futurist and expert in 20 different modalities of healing along with interviews with some of the leading minds in medicine and big thinkers in all walks of life. 

The stories of our lives are the woven energies of our souls' paths. They feed and ignite the spiritual light that nourishes the Universal Soul, the ONE MIND or Comic Consciousness where we all come together. 

This podcast is a deep dive into the personal stories of people who have made a significant contributions to the planet. What formed them and what made them into the people that inspire us so. 

Episode one features Emeran Mayer, a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Physiology and Psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Executive Director of the G. Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience and Co-director of the CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center at UCLA. He is also author of the NY Times best-seller of The Mind Gut Connection and is writing the Foreword to Dr. Randall's book, Soul Doctoring. 

Episode two Premieres January 11th and features Dr Danielle Delaney

Don’t miss this intriguing podcast with guest Dr. Danielle Delaney, Th.D.- Rockstar Black Woman Leader and role model.  Dr. Danielle Delaney, Th.D., is a Crisis Intervention Counselor, specialist in Addiction & Recovery Aftercare, Rape Crisis Counselor, interfaith Spiritual Counselor, and is also a Sober Coach and an Interventionist. She also specializes in working with Special Victims/Crime Survivors. She is the award-winning author of Expect Delays: How to Reclaim Your Life, Light and Soul After Trauma and is currently working on her second book.⁠

Dr. Delaney holds the distinction of being the youngest and the ONLY woman of color to own a Sober Companioning business in the United States of America. ⁠

Her corporation has had a stellar reputation for nearly a decade, providing Wellness Concierge support, companions, and transport. ⁠

Dr. Delaney and Dr. Randall take a deep journey into the dark history of Danielle’s kidnapping, rape and attempted murder to bring out the gifts of survival.  This episode reveals how that journey shaped her soul and how her incredible strength, the right attitude and healing modalities brought her back into the light to help many like her. She continues to be a source of light and knowing for so many people! 

Tune in for a transformative experience! 


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