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Soul Stories is the epic new Podcast coming soon by Dr. Gayle Madeleine Randall. 

Our first guest will be Emeran Mayer, a Distinguished Professor in the Departments of Medicine, Physiology and Psychiatry at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, Executive Director of the G. Oppenheimer Center for Neurobiology of Stress and Resilience and Co-director of the CURE: Digestive Diseases Research Center at UCLA. He is also author of the NY Times best-seller of The Mind Gut Connection.  Dr. Randall and Emeran discuss gut health and immunity, and life during Covid. 

Stay tuned for a rare opportunity to hear two incredible doctors. Upcoming guests include Olivia Hussey and Daniel Delaney.

Soul Stories- coming soon to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and everywhere you hear your podcasts!

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Excerpt from the Forthcoming Book: Soul Doctoring

“Each individual’s body is uniquely different from another, and yet when the essences of our consciousness are combined, we are all One." – Purnanand Awasthi, MD

As I learned more tools from the Native and Eastern traditions, and understood the spiritual purpose behind the healing, I incorporated them into my practice at the UCLA Digestive Diseases Center. The word got out, and a long line of patients formed to seek alternative care. Many came only after standard medicine failed them, their problems sometimes unrelated to digestive systems.

Our patients had reached a dead end — from a Western medicine point of view. I realized this while coordinating the Healing Connection, the first integrative medicine initiative at UCLA. We decided to branch out and look at the effect of adding other modalities to their treatment regimens. They had nothing to lose, right? We already worked with Native American and Oriental Medicine practitioners, but we really needed another approach to complete the healing circle we envisioned.

In 1993, I “came out”, in a medical sense, when I organized The Healing Connection, a program at UCLA to study a combination of Western Medicine and Native American, Ayurvedic and Oriental Medicine. Through this work, I developed close working relationships with George Amiotte, a Lakota Sundance Chief who studied under Frank Fool’s Crow (a widely loved and respected Sioux Medicine Man), and Tatsuo Hirano, an exceptional healer and Doctor of Oriental Medicine. These extraordinary people came into my life at the most appropriate time.

The design for The Healing Connection called for a healer from the Ayurvedic tradition, preferably also a medical doctor. I had trouble finding someone. We didn’t have any money to pay; we performed these medical services purely for the benefit of what we may learn and carry into the future. It was a very big ask, and my search for a practitioner willing to donate their time for the benefit of humankind proved fruitless.

I let it go and placed my intent on a positive result. I remembered the saying that led Joseph Rael to me: When the student is ready, the teacher will come. Would it work for asking for the right healer to help our efforts?

I found out two weeks later. I was attending in-clinic patients at the UCLA Digestive Diseases Center. I saw patients for as long as it took to address their problems (I did not abide by the prevalent bottom-line blueprint of “see more patients in less time”). I accepted an ever-increasing patient load, yes, but I still took all the time each patient needed. My patients waited, and did not mind for the most part, because when their turn came, they knew I would really listen to them. In my world, every body is special. So is every person. Because of the sacred bond I feel for my patients, I did not allow interruptions during my consultations.

Sure enough, as I was seeing a patient, we heard a knock on the door. I got up, irritated. Oh boy. This better be good.
I opened the door to see the sheepish face of my nurse. “Dr. Randall, you had better come out here and see this for yourself,” she said.
I walked into the waiting room. There stood an East Indian gentleman in traditional white clothing, his stark white hair strikingly contrasted with his dark skin. He stood alongside a younger man. “Dr. Randall,” the younger man began, “allow me to present my father-in-law, Dr. Purnanand Awasthi from India.”

Dr. Awasthi stood in his traditional white tunic top and white pants, his sandaled feet close together in perfect balance, hands pressed together as if in prayer. “Hello Dr. Randall,” he said. “I am here visiting from India for three months. I have heard you need me and I have come from India to help you.”

I was flabbergasted. How did he know? I never contacted him. I never knew he existed. I looked around. My awaiting patients and staff were riveted by the gentle power of this man’s words. He read the question dancing in my widening eyes. “When you consider the physical, each individual’s body is uniquely different from another, and yet when the essences of our consciousness are combined — we are all One,” he said, my soul drinking in every drop. “What you know... we all know." He sounded like a timeless poet out of India’s rich Vedic past.

Stay Tuned for more excerpts in the next Newsletter!
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