Our enemies have made the mistake that America’s enemies always make. They saw liberty and thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat.
- George W. Bush, President of the United States

10 Years Past 9/11

Never Forget: If you're able, here's a round-up of links of perspectives on 9/11. Here's what I wrote. It seems like yesterday. Ron Paul implied that 9/11 was America's fault. It's good that Ron Paul is retiring.
Hello Tea Partiers,

Aren't we all Tea Partiers tonight? What? We aren't?

LOL About that debate by CNN/Tea Party. Thought the questions were better than we've seen. Wolf did a good job overall. 

Losers: Ron Paul is done. Rick Santorum -- I like him but it's over. Herman Cain -- I like him but it's over. Newt Gingrich -- Good zingers. Over.

Winners: Ack. No one. Everyone got dinged tonight. It was a bloodbath against each other rather than against Obama. Newt is the only one who brings the conversation around to Obama.

Romney's weaknesses: He's slick. He's conformist. Romneycare. He reminds me of Al Gore. He's the son of a politician and has wanted the presidency for its own sake for a very long time. 

Bachmann's weaknesses: She's a legislator not an executive. You know what sounds good in theory? EVERYTHING!

Perry's weaknesses: He holds unpopular positions when it comes to illegal immigration. They are nuanced. People are in no mood for nuance. They're in the mood for jobs and view illegal immigrants as taking jobs, suppressing wages, etc. I wish he was a better debater. I feel like he has better and better-reasoned answers for some of the questions than he gives.

The Gardisil thing I get on one level, but on another, don't understand. All kids these days are mandated to get vaccines against an STD/IV drug use disease, i.e. behavioral disease -- Hepatitis B. Now. Today. Governor Perry believed that the Gardisil vacine would prevent cancer. And it does prevent some cervical cancers. I vehemently opposed it on freedom grounds. I get why he supported it, though. If you believe a treatment will prevent cancer and have a way to make it accessible to all young people--even poor children--you're likely to make this decision. Since Texas does allow all parents to opt out of vaccines, I knew what I would do should Gardisil become law. It still bothered me that the decision was made. Governor Perry said tonight, though, that he made a mistake. He said it weeks after the decision and it never became law. I just don't see this issue being make or break. It's not like he's defending it like Romney is with Romneycare. 

How are we going to have an experienced politician who is perfect? Americans thought they had a perfect President in Obama because he had a scant record and therefore they could project on him whatever they wanted. 

I admit. I'm biased. I'm from Texas and have been generally happy with Governor Perry. He does a good job. I really don't know what's going on with the government and that's a good thing. They keep taxes low. They are reasonable with regulation. I'm content. I just don't get the angst I see from people on my side about him. Hot damn! If he's not conservative, who is?

Aside: I believe, like very few, it seems, that Sarah Palin is going to get into the Presidential race. If so, I don't think it's good for her to be dinging or praising the candidates. If she's not running and going to be a pundit, fine. Go for it. Since she hasn't explicitly said no, though, she should be in the ring if she's throwing punches.

Anyway, there's another debate in Florida at the CPAC/GOP/FOX debate on September 22. I'll be there hopefully giving you behind the scenes looks at things.

Good night!

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