"Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme." -- Rick Perry


His real crime: "I think it would be a shame for conservatives to adopt the same asinine standard established by the folks at Media Matters simply because it embarrasses the Democratic Party. The issue here is not that Hoffa incited violence, but that Obama and all of his supporters and enablers are astoundingly hypocritical. If you could have ever believed that Sarah Palin’s Facebook map incited murder, you are forever disqualified from lecturing others from over-reading political rhetoric." -- Jonah Goldberg. Read his whole point of view on this here.  My thoughts are similar. I write about it here.
Hello Sonofbitches!

Is there anything more jarring then having the dumbutts at NBC and Politico at the Ronald Reagan Library with Nancy Reagan looking on? Oh yes, there is: A Rachel Maddow commercial where she blabs about America and China or something.

Ugh. Well, it was the first debate for Rick Perry. He said he felt like he was a Human Pinata. Of course! He's the frontrunner and he's conservative. He's going to be a human pin cushion from here on out. He was a little rough around the edges and seemed a bit nervous, but then, the rest of this crowd has been campaigning a long time.

The race is between Perry and Romney, clearly. Perry needs to do better on his answers regarding immigration. Romney needs to be more courageous...on well, everything. Philip Klein captures the feeling of the debate perfectly. Read his thoughts here. The defining answers were around Social Security. I'm glad Perry didn't back down about it being a Ponzi scheme.

Here's how I thought they did:

1. Newt -- he reminded everyone, again, that the media frames the debate in a harmful way, never going to happen
2. Romney -- he's a smooth operator; not going to be a big contrast with Obama
3. Perry -- he didn't make any terrible moves; he needs to get better and have more ready answers, base will like it
4. Bachmann -- she was challenged more, seemed less sure of herself
5. Santorum -- always does a good job, gets no respect
6. Huntsman -- annoying
7. Paul -- good grief

I said on Twitter that the left will say Romney won and Perry did terrible, but I bet the polls for Perry go up after this.

Anyway, we have a bunch more debates. We're going to get sick of seeing ten people on the stage when there's only two that matter, really, right now.

Good night!


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