Our fear of hypocrisy is forcing us to live in a world where gluttons are fine, so long as they champion gluttony. -- Jonah Goldberg

Celebrate Life

Sharing gratitude with people who matter: Friday, Michelle Malkin and I talked about her new venture Twitchy.com. If you're interested in what's breaking on Twitter but not on going to Twitter, hit Michelle's website.

Here is the PODCAST where Michelle and I talk business, activist life, presidential politics, and our mutual admiration. Please listen. This was a deeply personal and kinda a behind-the-scenes talk.
What's up sluts? 

Sorry, couldn't help myself. I could have quoted Bill Maher or a liberal woman. Be thankful. Video response from ShePAC. Here's the final word on the whole trumped up leftist "war on women thing" by Mark Steyn. My thoughts here. So sick of this made up controversy. Sandra Fluke is an Obama admin creation. And lefty media are a bunch of self-serving harpies. Now, lib women are going to cut off their men. Comments in that thread are priceless, btw.

Romney is the Rodney Dangerfield of politics? Difficult to feel sorry for him, but Michael Gerson does. He concludes, "Unlike his other challenges, Romney's class problem does not fade: It must be fixed. And it is difficult to even begin until the Republican race ends." I disagree with the waiting to fix part.  Romney needs to do the tough work of appealing to Rust Belt folks.  Jeff Foxworthy is great an' all, but I really think Romeny needs to immerse himself into the culture from which he's completely disconnected. His language, attitude, needs to change. Sit in a Walmart, man. Go to some stock car racing and just observe.  We do not need another disconnected President. More of this would be good, too.

So much to share. Wow. The whole world is falling apart:



Well, it's pouring rain her in Texas, which we've needed. Peaceful even if the world news is disturbing. Lots to fight for...lots to work on. Please share this with friends and family. Educate them. Arm them for the fight.

For liberty!


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