Storm Victims Need Your Help

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your prayers while we were in Haiti. We returned to Miami safely on Saturday night. Before we returned, we had the opportunity to survey damage caused by Isaac.
The main river which runs near the Cazeau campus was raging from the flooding rains. The river, which normally moves at a trickle, was almost overflowing. I have never seen it that high. It was moving so much that the police halted traffic for fear that the bridge would be washed away. Shanties built on the banks were swept into the moving rapids.
Streets in the area were flooded too. Electric lines and poles littered the roads. We saw steel signs that had been bent to the ground like rubber. We went to the tent city where we held Bible school in July. We found several homes collapsed because of the winds and heavy rain. The temporary school where the team held VBS was blown apart by the storm. The families who live in the tent city live in fragile circumstances. The few possessions and food stuffs they have are easily compromised by the weather. They’re greatest requests are for food and tarps.
I spoke with Pastor Brucely. He said that many people from Ti Goave came to the church to ride out the storm while their homes were being damaged by the winds and rain. Brucely’s home is on the hill side above the church and school. He said today that his front room broke off from the rest of the house. It was caused by the torrential rains. Brucely said the greatest need now is for food and tarps.
We have not yet gotten news on how Joineau and Cotin are doing. The valley where they are located tends to become very flooded. Junior, Ronald and Steeve are trying to get in contact with the school and church leaders. Since the power is out, they have not been able to reach them by phone.
Before we left Haiti, we left money to begin buying supplies. Thank you for your timely response to our earlier emails. We are now preparing funds to go immediately to Haiti for food and tarps. As we received more funds, we will send them to Haiti.
Please keep Haiti in your daily prayers. If you would like to give for food and tarps, your gifts will be greatly appreciated. Click here to give:

Thank you for your help,
Bill Jr. & Chris
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