Vivid Promotions' Customized Lip Balms- What's your flavour?

Australian Made Lip Balms

Vivid Promotions is proud to offer Australian Made Lip Balms that can be fully customized to suit your brand. Freshly made to order, our beeswax based Promotional Lip Balms can have a customized tube colour, customized fill colour, customized flavour and can be decorated with a pad print or full colour digital label. Some of our standard Lip Balm fills are Pink/ Strawberry, Yellow/ Lemon, Green/ Lime, White/ Vanilla, Purple/ Berry, Blue/ Mint, Orange/ Orange and Brown/ Chocolate. The flavours and colours of the lip balm fill can be mixed and matched at an additional charge so that we can provide a Personalized freshly made Lip Balm that will enhance your logo. Nourish and moisturize your lips with one of Vivid Promotions' custom made to order Lip Balms for a merchandise item that is unique to your brand.

150 pcs @ $2.77 ea

  250 pcs @ $2.74 ea

  500 pcs @ $2.58 ea

Slimline Lip Balms: Customize your next promotional campaign with some brightly coloured Slimline Lip Balms. Print your corporate logo on these Slimline Tubes and customize your Lip Balm Flavour for a stand out promotional product that is bound to be used on a daily basis. Vivid Promotions' Freshly Made Australian Lip Balms make great giveaways, gift ideas for all ages and are great as part of a gift pack. 

150 pcs @ $4.69 ea

  250 pcs @ $4.50 ea

  500 pcs @ $4.25 ea

Natural Lip Balm Pocket Tin: Our New Natural Lip Balm is made with all natural ingredients including essential oils for flavouring. This Eco Lip Balm Tin is great for those looking for an Australian Made Lip Balm, free from synthetic ingredients like artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil, our Freshly Made Natural Lip Balm Tins are presented with a full colour label.

Designer Lip Balms, created by you!

Promotional Lip Balms are fantastic Unisex merchandise items that can be used by people of all ages. Printed Lip Balms make great Christmas Gifts and cheap giveaway items for all kinds of events and campaigns such as government projects, health care companies, corporate companies and much more. Vivid Promotions' custom made Lip Balms have been specially created to give our clients a one of a kind Promotional Lip Balm that can be personalized to match corporate colours by allowing both the Lip Balm Tube and Lip Balm Fill to be customized to suit your needs. If we don't list the colour/ flavour you want on our website, give us a call to discuss your needs. Just about any flavour is possible with our Australian Made Lip Balms and Natural Lip Balms and be sure to decorate your Lip Balm Tube or Tin with a pad print or label.

In addition to our Slimline Lip Balm Tubes and Lip Balm Pocket Tins, Vivid Promotions' also has 5g lip Balm Pots, 10g Lip Balm Pots, Lip Balm Cubes, Lip Balm Flip Tops, Lip Balm Balls, Lip Balm Sports Balls, WideBody Lip Balms and also Lip Balm Tubes with attachments such as Carabiners, Lanyards, O-Rings and more! The possibilities are almost endless with our freshly made to order Lip Balms and we can even make Swirl Lip Balms too! Choose your very own coloured and flavoured Lip Balms to best complement your logo today. Did you know that our Lip Balms can last for up to 2 years? Choose a Promotional Lip Balm that is cost effective and can promote your logo everywhere you go.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pricing does not include 10% GST or delivery charges.
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