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August 16, 2016 
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imagineNATIVE Partners on 
new Indigenous Film Festival in Australia

The First Winda Film Festival Kicks Off in November

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Arts Festival is pleased to partner with The Wurhu Daruy Foundation and New Horizon Films to announce the inaugural Winda Film Festival, a new Indigenous media arts festival based in Sydney, Australia.

The first Winda will take place November 10-13, 2016 and will feature a curated programme of works by Australian and international Indigenous filmmakers that focus on the theme ‘From the Four Directions.’ In a nod to imagineNATIVE’s role, this first festival will be called Winda, imagineNATIVE Under the Milky Way. The Festival will be open for submissions in 2017 for its second annual presentation. 

Winda, meaning ‘stars’, is a word from the Gumbaynggirr language from the north coast of New South Wales. The logo is a star trail of the Milky Way, which is seen across the Southern Hemisphere; it is also inspired by The Emu In The Sky dreaming, which is one of the creation stories that crosses the nations of Australia. 

“Winda’s link to imagineNATIVE has been very influential since our inception,” says Pauline Clague, Winda’s Artistic Director and one of imagineNATIVE’s Programmers. “For this first Winda, Jason Ryle will curate parts of the daily festival and provide guidance to our Executive Director.”

“It’s such an incredible honour to be part of this new venture with Winda,” says Medika Thorpe, Winda’s Executive Director and a former employee of imagineNATIVE. “The Festival will create the potential for new platforms and opportunities for Indigenous filmmakers in Australia and around the world. It’s always important to keep our culture strong and Winda is a way to nurture the power of storytelling.”

"The stories and artistry of Indigenous filmmakers from Australia have been an important part of imagineNATIVE since our first Festival in 2000,” says Jason Ryle. “Over the past 16 years, we have strengthened imagineNATIVE’s bond with Australia and we are extremely honoured to present the very first Winda with our friends and partners ‘under the Milky Way’. As Indigenous Cinema continues to make significant impacts internationally, the time has come for Australia to host its own festival showcasing Indigenous filmmakers, and it’s a privilege to have imagineNATIVE involved in making this possible.”

The Winda Film Festival is sponsored by the Australian Government through ScreenAustralia.

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