May 2013

Kitten & Puppy Season

Many of the shelters and rescue groups we work with are already seeing the extra pitter-patter of tiny kitten and puppy feet as spring is the time of year that non-spayed and neutered animals naturally reproduce. Litters of unwanted and unplanned puppies and kittens are being surrendered to shelters, many are found as strays, and sadly many of these babies may not make it out of shelters in time if more cannot be done to reduce the number of animals entering shelters.

The knock on effect of so many new animals currently entering shelters is many of the older animals are overlooked in favor of the younger fresh-faced puppies and kittens. Shelters are literally bursting at their seams through the spring and summer, but the good news is, there are ways you can help!

Foster an animal. This is a life saving act that anyone can do. Are you not ready for the commitment of a animal but you still want the experience? Fostering is for you! Read more about fostering here.
Adopt. Now is the time to adopt if you are looking for a specific breed, a puppy or kitten as there are so many more in need of homes! Find a new pet here.

Spay & neuter your pets. This is the most important thing that any responsible pet owner can do, not only to ensure your pet cannot reproduce, but also for their health. Educate others around you to do the same. Many shelters and rescue groups run free or discounted spay & neuter days, make sure you take advantage of these!
Donate your time, money or items to your local shelter or rescue group. Many people are looking for ways to help but cannot foster or adopt. Can you spare a few hours a month to volunteer? Can you round up neighbors and collect used towels or blankets to give animals some comfort? Why not organize a food & toy collection with co-workers? There are so many ways to help, be creative!


Seeking Volunteers - Animal Blog Writers

We are looking to recruit several volunteers to write blog posts to spot light adoptable animals on the Shelter Exchange website. If you are a writer, or you have a creative mind and would like to help provide exposure for animals in need, this is for you! This will require a minimum of 2 blog posts written per month. You may need to correspond with the shelter or rescue group via email or phone to request additional information, photos, and video, and to learn about any special traits, tricks or fun facts on the animals. You will then write this all up in a short blog. If we can get enough volunteers we would like to match each person to a specific rescue group or shelter to work with on an ongoing basis. Please complete our Volunteer Form if you are interested in this opportunity and mention 'Blog Writer' in the About You section. Thank you!




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