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Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival
Feb 28  - March 3, 2013
              Feb 13  -  Feb 16, 2014

     BJBF Newsletter June 2013

Maria Rivas performing in front of a full house...

Taildragger getting the crowd up on their feet...

Bob Corritore teaching local school children...

The Randy Oxford band brought the house down....

The 2013 Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival is history.....

....but the memories remain. By many accounts this one was the best festival in Boquete ever! Starting with our very own New Orleans-style street parade the festival kept rolling for four days filled with excitement, great music, packed jam sessions every night, a free concert in the park, dancing and just having the best fun ever!

Just take a look at the photos, videos and slide shows on the festival was kind of magic again! First class entertainers of Jazz and Blues, a beautiful venue, good weather and lots of music and fun-loving people!

This tiny little town of Boquete is truly a unique, magic place....where incredible things can happen....

Our Music for Schools program.....supporting musical education in Boquete
Last year the Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival Foundation donated $800 to a local school to support the forming of a school orchestra. That donation was increased by an additional $350 which were donated for the same purpose by friends of the festival.
We are very happy that the financial success of this year's festival made it possible to significantly increase our support. We were able to give a total of $4,500 to two local schools to enable the purchase of more musical instruments for their students.
What higher goal can there be for a Jazz&Blues festival than to help children get a musical instrument and learn to make music?

From left to right: Melissa Vallarino, Carla Rigau (Academia Internacional de Boquete), Anayansi Menedez, Hans Lebuser, Leslie Landreth (Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival Foundation), Abdialy Moreno, Edwin Montenegro (Escuela Buen Pastor).

Passing the torch....
There's a change a-coming....A new crew is already working hard to make next year's festival even bigger and better. Yes,  a new crew! After two years of very hard work, after having successfully taken the festival to a much higher level than ever before the time has come for me to pass the torch to a group of younger guys and to finally enjoy my retirement (:-)). The show will go on, and I'm confident that with a new enthusiastic and energetic leadership the Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival will continue to grow and prosper.
I've thoroughly enjoyed having been able to help enrich the cultural scene of this wonderful town of Boquete, and my gratitude goes out to our audience as well as to all the volunteers, sponsors and musicians without whom this success would never have been possible. I hope all of you will continue to lend your support to the new BJBF crew!


The show will go on!
 If you couldn't make it this year make plans to come to the highlands of Chiriqui in Panama next won't regret it!

Don't lose it: February 13 - 16 are the dates of the 2014 festival! Drive, run, crawl, swim, fly, walk...whatever and got to be here! Please keep checking our website and this newsletter for further news about BJBF2014....

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Bye bye for now...this is my last BJBF newsletter. Hope to see all y'all at the festival in February 2014!

Don't ask what the festival can do for you - ask what you can do for the festival!

Please patronize the sponsors of the 2013 festival. Without them the festival couldn't have happened. Click on the images to learn more about their business....


  Revilla Pharmancy









Our beautiful festival venue - everybody loved it last year so we did it there again this year! The Greek-style amphitheatre at Valle Escondido, an upscale residential resort is one of the most beautiful places in the country, a perfect place for our festival!

(Photo by Mark Heyer)

Here are the amazing artists who performed at the 7th annual Boquete Jazz & Blues festival:

Bob Corritore & Taildragger
"One day this boy is going to take my place" (Howling Wolf). The one and only legendary Taildragger, a Chicago blues legend singing in the style of Howling Wolf, and his longtime friend in the Blues Bob Corritore (harp) have played major festivals all over the world, and we're very happy to have them come to Panama for the first time. Their show will definitely be a highlight of the festival!

The Randy Oxford Band
Randy Oxford plays a wild trombone, and anybody who has ever seen and heard his band in action won't forget it! Their show at our festival will also be their first-ever performance in Central America. We're very proud being able to present these great musicians to the Boquete festival audience!
Brace yourself, Boquete! You'll be blown away!

Andy Egert
Swiss blues award winner and Switzerland's hardest working bluesman Andy Egert fell in love with Panama and Boquete so much when he came to play at the 2012 Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival that he was dying to come we'll have him back as a special guest playing with Boquete's own Bluesband, the B3! You can be sure to see this untiring bluesman sit in and play at each and every opportunity where he can unpack his guitar and harp and start jamming!

(photo by Bruce Tohill)

The Boquete Blues Band (B3) and Yella
One of the objectives of the Boquete Jazz&Blues Festival is giving local talents a chance to showcase their art in front of a larger audience. The mixed Panamanian/expat B3 have been honing their skills at local venues and festival fundraisers for years, and at the 2012 festival they did a great job backing up Mitch Woods and Johnny Sansone. They'll be backing up Bob Corritore and Taildragger at the 2013 festival, and they'll have their first well-earned own show on the festival stage in 2013, featuring Boquete's best loved vocalist Yella, and special guest Andy Egert from Switzerland on guitar and harp.

Spicy Latin Jazzband
Spicy Latin Jazz is a very appropriate name for this band. Playing a very danceable style of Jazz spiced with intricate Latin rhythms they know how to please their audiences. Bandleader Arturo Villareal and his band have played the Boquete Jazz festival before and always got rave reviews, so we're happy to have them back in the highlands once again.

(photo by Howard Hill)

Ron Hacker & The Hacksaws
Raw, down&dirty blues from San Francisco. Ron played a great solo show at the 2012 festival but seeing and hearing him play with his band is a totally different treat! For 2013 we'll have him back with his trio, the Hacksaws. Blues can't get much better than this!

Maria Rivas and her Libertango band
Venezuela's great Jazz singer, painter and ecological activist Maria Rivas is coming to Panama for the first time, and we're proud being able to present this great artist and her band at our festival. She astonishes audiences with her mastery of Jazz variations, much in the style of Ella Fitzgerald and other notable divas.Her well-tuned voice, her command of English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, and her considerable personal charm and beauty have built her a large crowd of loyal fans. Also, she has become a leading voice in the region's environmental movement, which has earned her ample recognition. Her musical message as a composer often has ecological undertones. Her show will be another true highlight of the festival!

(Photo J. Loscher)

Rigoberto Coba Big Band
A native of  our provincial capital of David, and a professor of music, Rigoberto Coba (sax) put together an 18 piece big band just for our festival. The show was their first public performance, closing the festival with that wonderful big band swing sound! We've been asked many times to get them back for next year. We listened, and so they're already working on their show for 2013 which will also include some special guests from the USA! You don't wanna miss this show!

(photo by Mark Heyer)

The map section
Guess you wanna know where the hell we are....

Well, here's Panama, almost due
south of Miami:

The province of Chiriqui in the
westof Panama, close to Costa

The provincial capital city of
David, and Boquete almost due
north just 38km (23 miles) away

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