Arctic Apostles - Memorial Run Sunday Aug. 3

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Hello fine ABATE folks, this is Greg Porter, President of the Arctic Apostles (Anchorage) Chapter of the CMA. We are supporting the Alaska Correctional Ministries in their first annual fundraiser run.
It is on a Sunday, (August 3rd) so as to not be in the way of another run. The idea of this run is that anyone who wants to memorialize someone, (either a downed rider or a loved one of a rider) should come. There will be a great cookout at the end for the money, not just hotdogs, but brisket, salmon etc. and bike games and so on.

     They know it is late getting the word out, and they made a mistake when they first tried, stating the entry fee at $100. The entry fee is actually $35, and all the donations go to support the chaplains who work in prison ministry.

    The CMA will be coordinating and providing overseeing personnel for the run. I have let them know that it is of the utmost importance that the run happens, more than that it has large attendance. We have to have something to build on. I know that there are probably many STAR riders and other riding clubs who have no means or group to rely on, yet have lost people they want to honor. This is a good way to do just that. We will be reading aloud all the names of the people who are to be memorialized and observing a special moment afterward.

I have sent the dates and info to AKBIKERRUNS already. Can you offer any insight or assistance with us getting the word out among the ABATE membership?
I appreciate any help or guidance you can offer.
I hope this e-mail finds you all well.
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