A Very Important Lesson

CPI update An aha moment came to me recently as I was training a new doula on marketing skills. Her computer was going so slow it was frustrating. And then I realized that yes it was her computer, but also she lacked the basic skills to use cloud computing tools. Gmail is a basic. It does so much more then send mail.


I believe in solving problems and equipping childbirth professionals for success to empower others.

So what’s new is I will personally be teaching Essential Cloud Computing Skills for Childbirth Professionals. Even if you know a few things, you can add more. What I realize is that many professionals are not keeping up their computer knowledge. It’s no longer about using a physical laptop computer. You have to know all the amazing online (Cloud) tools that are often free and easy to use. 


You should know simple coding. Which is power. Having that skill can put money in your bank.

Even staying up to date on how to create amazing presentations using new tools and tricks is important so that you engage the families you teach.

The Essential Cloud Computing Skills course launches as a 2 day or 5 week in-person training, starting in Sacramento, CA. Contact CPI if you would like the training in your area. Click for schedule.

  • 15 contact hours are offered.
  • Great opportunity for those who need to renew their certification.
  • A Chromebook laptop computer is included with your registration fee. Yep you take it home :-)
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Personal Sharing

by Donyale Abe, CPI Director

life changes

I was debating whether to share, but many of you have been with me 10 years since I started as a trainer. Thank you! Time flies :-) I know that some of you are interested in what’s going on with me. Here’s a follow-up in case you were wondering what happened after I graduated last year with my Masters degree.


The good news… the midwifery program that’s been my dream to start, is moving forward. The target date is Fall 2019, the first 3 year Midwifery Program in California will be available at American River College. Hooray!

The other stuff, well life has been really hard. I moved to Massachusetts, and you can see the photo I packed up and moved back. I have two teen girls. It’s all new raising teens. I work and teach so much about birth and babies. Boy I need a class on teens. So what happened was...(click to read)

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