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Media Call-Out
National Parenting Magazine

Seeking mums who have suffered from a relationship break-up (with a focus on mental health issues surrounding this, such as depression, anxiety, mood swings etc) and/or physical hurdles (for example, dealing with a broken leg with a new baby)...more
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Child Support
Taking matters into your own hands

When it comes to child support most mothers initially think of the Child Support Agency to determine the amount of money the father should pay. There are however, other options that can be utilised by single mothers - Limited and Binding Child Support Agreements...more
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Food Intolerance Or Food Allergy?
Know what to look out for

It is not uncommon to be sensitive to certain foods, and it is not uncommon for a food intolerance to be confused with an allergy. Both can have similar symptoms and both have a link to the digestive system, but the two are different conditions...more
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A Parenting Order Breaches
What can you do?

It is the case that parenting Orders made by consent or by the Court are sometimes breached by one of the parties and the reasons for this can be varied and many. Application for Contravention of Orders are usually filed in the Federal Magistrates Court...more
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A Day Out With Thomas
Kid Event Single Mum Review

A train ride AND a carnival experience, few day-trips could please young children more than visiting Thomas the Tank Engine (officially known as "a Day Out With Thomas") at the famous Blue Mountains Zig Zag Railway...more
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Changing The Name Of Your Child 
Is this in your child's best interests?

You can change your child's surname following separation but only if you follow the correct procedure and you comply with legal requirements. A Court will stop any attempt to change your child's name...more
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Children's Passport Issues 
Applying for your child's passport after separation

It would be a serious mistake to think that you could have a passport issued for your child without the father's consent when the father has not been named on the birth certificate...more
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Single Mum Child Poverty - Why?
NCSMC Media Release

Today some Australians will wake up to a much anticipated and required increase in their pension. But for others it is a stark reminder that we are not all treated equally and our kids are some of the biggest losers...more
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