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Hellicopter Parenting

Parenting styles can be seen as a continuum with over protection at one end of the line and neglect at the other. Over reaction to very rare cases of child abduction have led to a generation of ‘bubble-wrapped kids’ with helicopter (or hovercraft) parents ...more
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How to successfully negotiate family law matters

Whether it is true or not, many people hear the words "divorce" and "family law" and conjure up images of long drawn-out court room battles, huge legal bills and bitter parties. This perception does not, thankfully, have to be the reality for the many people whose marriages and/or intimate relationships break down...more
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Complaints about Centrelink and Child support

  • How to complain to Centrelink or the Child Support Agency
  • The five biggest issues that infuriate parents about the Child Support Agency
  • About ten per cent of calls to the Centrelink tip-off line involve single mothers
  • Sometimes Centrelink puts mothers under surveillance
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Getting Out the Door in the Mornings

Yes, it is possible! There is a way to get into your car without blowing a gasket! We all know how it is. We rant, rave and lose the plot making sure everyone has everything - and once belted in, that we actually have everyone! We tell them all the way to school - that it can't go on like this - something has to change...more
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5 Best (Legal) Places To Watch Movies Online In Australia

Movie going has become an expensive outing lately, and if you want snacks, you better be ready to pay through the nose for popcorn, the multiple drinks, and candy treats for the kids. There are some alternatives to cable and satellite television though..more

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Disney Treasure Buddies DVD Review

When my kids heard that a sixth Disney Buddies movie - Treasure Buddies - was coming out, they were very eager to see it - and it certainly didn't disappoint! All of their favourite Buddies puppies are back in Treasure Buddies - Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha and Mudbud - and they're ready for a new adventure..more

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Dora The Explorer Live! Search For The City Of Lost Toys Review

This children's extravaganza is a great outing for all Dora fans - from toddlers to older children. Dora The Explorer Live! Search For The City Of Lost Toys takes us along on Dora's latest adventure, searching to find her lost teddy bear..more

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Childrens Book Review - Imagine We Were

Imagine We Were is a gorgeous children's book that promotes the bond of mother and child love - in a cute, fun way that small children adore! Imagine We Were tells the story of a mother and child playfully pondering what it would be like if they were different mother and baby animals - cats, dogs, cows, chickens...and all of them up to little-kid-loving mischief!..more

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Parenting Product Review - No More Nasties

With several recent studies finding supermarket shopping trolleys a major haven for nasty bacteria, including the dreaded E. coli, it's no wonder that so many Mums are turning to trolley baby seat covers as the clean shoppers choice to protect their precious bubs from harm..more
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