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"Human well-being is inextricably linked to the well-being of the Earth, and therefore the Earth’s right to a healthy environment is equally important if human rights are to be protected"
- UN Secretary General Report on Harmony with Nature, August 2017

Just published - UN report on Harmony with Nature commends Gaia's EJ trainings

17th August, 2017

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The UN Secretary General's 8th report on Harmony with Nature, published yesterday, looks at the positive, Earth-centred initiatives taking place in law, policy, education and public engagement - from Africa and Australia, to Europe and the Americas.  

Among global actions at the forefront of restoring humanity's relationship with Nature, the report applauds the success of Gaia's Trainings for Transformation in Africa, and the work with communities in Benin, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Uganda, to "reweave the basket of life" for the revival of traditional knowledge systems and customary laws. The graduation of the first cohort of African EJ Practitioners took place last month, and a second group in these UN-celebrated trainings is just embarking on their 3-year course.

The successful passage of African Commission Resolution 372 for the protection of sacred natural sites - another fruit of the growing African Earth Jurisprudence movement - is celebrated. The UN Secretary General also draws on the 7th UN dialogue on Harmony with Nature, held on 21st April 2017, where Gaia's Director, Liz Hosken, joined panellists in a discussion on Earth Jurisprudence and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The dialogue clarified that Earth Jurisprudence is not a synonym for environmental law, but is a complete vision, a worldview, under which every law and act of humankind should be seen as the only way of achieving true protection for Nature: rivers, trees, mountains, glaciers, whole ecosystems and the biosphere.

Click here for the UN Secretary General's 8th report on Harmony with Nature.  Read and share! 
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