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Volume 13, Number 2 - Spring 2014


In ancient times, one of the happiest days of the year was the spring equinox on March 21. This seasonal transition is celebrated all over the world under different names. The festive ceremonies carry the message of renewal, this is a moment of purification and abundant hope. 

Over time, the word ‘purification’ has been replaced by spring-cleaning, and ‘abundant hope’ by optimism. Today, when we speak about spring-cleaning, we often think about cleaning closets and organizing our drawers. In business, spring-cleaning is more about clearing files, updating projects and taking the time to review our yearly goals. 

In the past few years, I have developed the habit of viewing each seasonal change as an opportunity to do a quick update on my most important projects and objectives.  While some of them are still in the reflection phase, others, like my wish to learn Paul Ekman’s Facial Micro-Expressions and Emotions, reached their completion sooner than I had planned. 

After having become certified in the Emotional Truth and Credibility program last October, I am devoting part of this spring to the process of taking the Emotional Skills and Competencies training post-test. By the time spring transforms into summer, I hope to be certified in both Paul Ekman’s ETaC and ESaC programs.

See below for more information about EtaC and ESaC.

Each new season brings its share of opportunities to learn, to grow and to change. While some learning is as natural and as quick as the changing of the seasons, others take longer to come to fruition. At the end, “Change is the end result of all true learning.” ― Leo Buscaglia

What learning are you willing to focus on this season?

Wishing you a very sunny & happy spring,
Karin Genton L'Epée

Paul Ekman Trainings

Last October I mentioned that I went to Luxembourg to attend a workshop on Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility (ETaC).This training is designed to develop a person’s ability and skill in recognizing the emotions of others, as a basis for evaluating truth and lies. 

As a follow up, I went to Paris last month to attend another of Paul Ekman’s training sessions, titled Emotional Skills and Competencies (ESaC). This time, the focus was on helping participants understand their own emotions and develop self-monitoring capabilities. Both workshops were delivered by trainers approved by Paul Ekman.

While the topic of emotions has been extensively covered by Daniel Goleman and many others scientist and academics, I found Paul Ekman’s teachings a valuable addition to my coaching and training practice. Being able to recognize people’s emotions when listening to them has proven an extremely useful skill in my professional and personal life.

Ekman who is a pioneer in the study of emotions and their relation to facial expressions has gained a reputation as "the best human lie detector in the world". Many of us are familiar with Paul Ekman’s expertise thanks to the TV series LIE TO ME.

If you would like to find out how good you are at reading people’s emotions, I suggest you take this quiz: Test Your Social Intelligence?

Rotary Rodeo Night of Fun

Last month, I told you about a night of fun my Rotary club has scheduled for this Saturday evening 5 April. It’s a Western Roundup, with: 
  • All-you-can-eat barbecue buffet
  • Music and dancing to country western band Nota Bene and a DJ from Country Radio
  • Unlimited beer, wine and soft drinks included in the ticket price
  • A tombola and auction with some very nice items
  • Prizes for best cowboy and cowgirl outfits, and more...
There are still a few tickets available. You can see additional information and purchase them online by clicking Western Roundup.
The event benefits ICTUS, a charity that helps post-stroke patients, and other Rotary causes. I’ll be there, and I would be delighted if you’re there, too!

Discover Prague with Edit

Are you familiar with the influence of the Habsburgs on Prague? Would you be able to name the first influential civil engineer who shaped the city? 

It can be difficult to know where to take visiting friends and family when they visit Prague. It’s equally likely that you will be a bit confused about the historical facts but still want to make a lasting impression on your guests. If so, why not call a friendly, professional tour guide? 

My Hungarian friend, Edit Rosta, moved to Prague over two years ago. Her law degree and extensive experience in working and communicating with people from different cultures and nationalities prepared her for this new adventure in the Czech Republic where she started her tour guide company in Prague.  

Edit’s ongoing desire to learn and her insatiable thirst for knowledge has helped her become a specialist in the legends and artifacts of the Golden City. Today, she is a certified tour guide who knows how to make all those historical facts entertaining for visitors from around the world. 

Edit is very flexible, will accommodate your special requests and can adapt the tour to your interests. You will be surprised what a difference a pleasant guide can make when visiting a city like Prague. Give it a try, I guarantee you it will be a memorable experience!

How to Ride the Waves of Uncertainty

Joe Weisenthal, executive director of Business Insider magazine, wrote last September that “the latest data makes it clear that across the Eurozone, a comeback is happening”. However, many people are still struggling to recover from the worst financial downturn in several generations; a crisis which has left behind insecurities in those who found themselves on the sidelines these past few years.

How does someone feel after having lost everything he/she worked hard for years to achieve? While the range of emotions we might experience will be closer to anger and fear than joy and happiness, the best way to stay motivated is to manage to keep trust in stock.

We can deny the uncomfortable situation, resist change, go on with life as if nothing has happened and deal with the consequences later. Or we can rise to the occasion and accept the reality of change. Each crisis is an opportunity to undertake a powerful journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

As the writer John Gardner once wrote, “Life isn’t a train ride where you choose your destination, pay your fare and settle back for a nap. It’s a cycle ride over uncertain terrain with you in the driver seat, constantly correcting your balance and determining the direction of progress.

Our ability to successfully navigate through insecurity depends on many factors, the most important of which is trust. When we feel that our world is going haywire, our trust in ourselves is being heavily solicited. To be able to really leverage trust, we need to reassess our understanding of what trust really is. Without trust in ourselves, today’s challenges will be close to impossible to overcome 

The dictionary defines trust as ‘having confidence in the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something’. In common usage, the word trust refers to relying on someone or something for a future action. But what do we mean by trust and how can it help us overcome life’s challenges?

The first type of trust we use in our daily lives is called Transactional Trust. Based on mutual self-interest, Transactional Trust involves acting according to common agreement. This type of trust is the backbone of our personal and professional lives. For example, every company’s success is dependent on how much it can trust its employees and to what extent its employees trust its management.

The second type of trust, Inner Trust, is not based on the future performance of another but rather upon how we can live in the present moment and not worry about the outcome. It is about trusting our ability to find our way through life’s challenges even when we are feeling confused and insecure. We experience inner trust when we live in our own hearts and minds right now without the interference of the past or the future. Inner trust is about knowing that life will unfold the way it supposed to and being at peace with the result. 

We start this journey by reconciling both transactional and inner trust within our lives, by clarifying what is important to us, be it our family, our health, the purpose of our lives and the kind of life we want to live, and having faith in our inner self to orient us in the right direction.

Once we do that, we can ride the waves of uncertainty with more confidence in ourselves and in our ability to overcome the temporary roadblocks the global economy crisis has created.

About Karin

Karin Genton-L’Epée is a business coach with 30 years of extensive professional experience in the United States, France and the Czech Republic. Based in Prague since 1995, for the past 15 years she has developed a range of coaching and training programs for mid- and top-level managers, focusing on leadership development, cross-cultural understanding and effective communication in a global environment. By providing a structured environment that supports people in clarifying who they are and what they want, Karin enables her clients to devise more effective strategies to achieve their personal and professional goals. Thanks to her knowledge, skills and range of international experience, Karin is in demand as a speaker at business conferences and educational institutions on both sides of the Atlantic. She is also a regular contributor to business journals and magazines. She works in English and French and can be reached at

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