ACC 2019 Fellowship Applications: Results are Out!

We are very pleased to officially announce the newest cohort of ACC fellows. Thank you to those who applied for our fellowship program. Congratulations to our award recipients this year, and a warm welcome to the ACC family!

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Photo courtesy to Otto Li (2016 Fellow)
"Dear ACC..." 

Zhu Jinglun
ACC-Starr Foundation Fellow (2018)
Zhu Jinglun is an active young curator who studied engineering in digital media technology at Central China Normal University in Wuhan, China. Today, Zhu is an MA candidate at the Center of Curatorial Studies, Bard College in New York. ACC's fellowship enabled Zhu to complete her curatorial studies during her final year in New York. Last month, during the final stages of preparing her thesis exhibition, Zhu expressed her gratitude to ACC and shares with us her fruitful experience as a curatorial student at Bard:

"I am grateful for the opportunity to have been supported by Asia Cultural Council (ACC), a community that gives me a sense of belonging while studying in the U.S. as a Chinese graduate student. I was greeted warmly by both the New York and Hong Kong ACC offices at the very beginning of receiving my award. Thanks to the gatherings and programs organized by ACC, I have been connected to curators, artists, scholars and other cultural practitioners from different parts of Asia. The vast network of ACC continues to offering me enormous support for pursuing my professional goal in the curatorial field.

As a second-year graduate student at the Center for Curatorial Studies, at Bard College (CCS Bard), I have the privilege to access to various academic resources in contemporary art and receive professional training as a curator. Following the program curriculum, I have engaged in artwork collection research at Hessel Museum, exhibition making, and art book publication, as well as public programming. I am very lucky to be surrounded by peers from different cultural backgrounds with their unique working experiences; they have inspired me to share ideas about curation and build up professional relationships in the global art world. I just finished working on my thesis exhibition “In this world, we" under the guidance and support from the faculties and curatorial team at CCS Bard, which is currently on view at Hessel Museum of Art until May 26th. My exhibition explores forms of visual representation of Chinese rural migrant workers who are largely excluded from political and cultural domains. By bringing artworks by Chinese artists to New York, I aim to forge cultural exchange between China and the U.S.

It has been a rich and rewarding journey to study in the United States. Having the privilege to engage in cultural production and receive liberal arts education in New York, I have the opportunity to examine and critique the differences between China and the U.S. regarding the art market, the educational structure, as well as the political system. It is a great honor to be able to participate in conversations about art and culture in this international platform, which would not have been possible without ACC's generous help and support.
- Zhu Jinglun, May 2019
During May and June 2019, Gary NgTong ShanshanMorgan Wong and Thomas Hung have commenced their fellowship programs in the US. We wish them the very best!

A huge congratulations to Fung Wai-hang and Wan Lai Kuen for being awarded as Artists of the Year by HKADC!

Gary NG
2017 Young Architect Awardee

TONG Shanshan
2018 Cai Guo-Qiang Fellow

Morgan WONG
2018 Désirée & Hans Michael Jebsen Fellow

Thomas HUNG
2019 Lady Fung Music Fellow

FUNG Wai-hang, Rocelia
1995 Starr Foundation Fellow
Awarded as Artist of the Year (Drama) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Awards 2018

WAN Lai Kuen, Annie 
2000 ACC Fellow
Awarded as Artist of the Year (Visual Art) by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council Awards 2018
Contagious Reading
5.31.19 - 6.23.19
Hong Kong

Pak Sheung Cheun
Visual art | 2006 Fellow
Lawrence Pun
Visual art | 2006 Fellow
A Story of Light
3.12.19 - 6.9.19
Hong Kong

Hon Chi Fun
Visual art | 1969 Fellow
Out of Ink: Interpretations from Chinese Contemporary Art
4.10.19 - 7.28.19

Xing Danwen
Visual art | 1998 Fellow
Zhang Jian-jun
Visual art | 1987 Fellow
The Evolution of Communication
3.24.19 - 6.24.19

Kwok Ying
Curator | 2014 Fellow
Land of the Lustrous 
4.23.19 - 9.8.19
Beidaihe District

Wang Sishun
Visual art | 2015 Fellow
Five Artists: Sites Encountered
6.7.19 - 10.10.19
Hong Kong

May Fung
Visual art | 1993 Fellow
Present Tense: Task of Remembrance
4.27.19 - 12.21.19
San Francisco

Lam Tung Pang
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow
Li, Xiaofei 
Visual Art | 2010 Fellow
Yan Jun
Music | 2010 Fellow
4.28.19 - 8.18.19

Wei Ligang 
Visual Art | 2005 Fellow
Hong Kong

Carol Lin 
Music | 2006 Fellow
Never-never Land
6.15.19 - 6.16.19

Chou Shu-Yi
Dance | 2008 Fellow
Steve Hui
Music | 2016 Fellow
Franz Liszt: Transcriptions from Operas by Auber and Verdi, feat. Wai Yin Vanessa Wong

Vanessa Wong
Music | 2009 Fellow
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