Expressing Our Gratitude to Lee Hysan Foundation—ACC Strategic Partner and Sponsor

ACC is honoured to have Lee Hysan Foundation’s support as strategic partner and sponsor for the next five years. We are excited to continue working with Lee Hysan Foundation and we are very grateful for their generous support. Since 1987, more than 46 outstanding alumni have largely benefited from the Lee Hysan Foundation.

Ms. Cecilia Ho, President of the Lee Hysan Foundation, says, “Lee Hysan Foundation is excited to continue our partnership with ACC to support its work in nurturing uniquely talented artists in Hong Kong. Many of our past fellows (different art forms) have not only established themselves as leaders and icons within their respective fields, but have themselves partnered with the Foundation to further promote arts development and education in Hong Kong. We look forward to working with ACC and past/future LHF-ACC Fellows for the betterment of Hong Kong”.

Some of our past fellows include: Kwok Ying (Visual art, 2014), Amy Cheung (2010, Visual art), Louisa So (2008, Theater), Mandy Tam (2008, Costume design), Pak Sheung Chuen (2006, Visual arts), Lawrence Pun (2006, Arts Criticism), Poon Chan Leung (2005, Theater), Eve Tam (2005, Visual art), Candice Chong (2004, Theater), Cheung Mei (Art Criticism, 1999), Mandy Yim (1996, Dance), Victor Ma (1996, Dance), Ko Tin-Lung (Theatre, 1987) and many more.
ACC Perspective on Exchange: Vivian Ting & Yang Yuanyuan shares their fellowship experiences

Vivian Ting embarked on her ACC fellowship to further her long-term research in museum interpretation and audience engagement in the US. It was wonderful to hear Vivian’s research findings and her excitement in sharing her most memorable exhibitions during her fellowship:
Audience engagement is key. At the Burning Man Festival, Vivian was amazed by the community the festival has created, which encouraged participants to connect and help one another when they were stripped of basic necessities (think no Starbucks nor comfy washrooms for nine consecutive days in the middle of the Nevada desert). “Participation then becomes a must, not an option,” concluded Vivian. She later went to the Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum, where an exhibition paid homage to the Burning Man Festival’s creative spirit and maker culture. Impressed by its clear curatorial statement and the curator’s ability to capture the essence of the Festival for the wider public, Vivian believes it is crucial for curators to be able to express stories in their own ways.
“Just because it [subject matter] is too abstract, doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it,” said Vivian as she highlights the power of storytelling and how different ways of narration can make intangible subjects tangible—such as the civil rights movement. Her experience at the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, known as the hotel where Martin Luther King was assassinated, reaffirmed her belief that museums have a responsibility to choose objects and curate theatrical spaces that represent our time.
“Empathy can be acquired without a Sociology Degree” was one of the things which came to Vivian’s mind when she visited the National Building Museum for an exhibition about eviction, a pressing issue which applies to many American citizens today. Although it is the lowest budget exhibition out of the above museums, Vivian marvels at its simplistic language which was made available to all audience members, and the ability to evoke empathy from viewers without any over-exaggerated or dramatic visual materials.


The question of “what is home” has been the center of Yang Yuanyuan’s research along with memory, time and diasporic histories. The ACC fellowship program enabled Yuanyuan to further her research on Esther Eng, the first Chinese-American female film director in Hollywood.

Yuanyuan was grateful for the many wonderful encounters which helped expand her research immensely. If it had not been that fateful coincidence with 92-year old dancer Coby Yee when Yuanyuan was meeting the Grant Avenue Follies in Las Vegas, she would not have the chance to broaden her research by travelling to Cuba. Yuanyuan would conduct more interviews and filming with the Chinese community in Havana.

It was evident to see Yuanyuan’s passion in her work and admiration for these people at the start of her sharing session. She excitedly showed us a teaser for her first feature-length film and footages from a show she organized in Havana’s Chinatown, which drew many spectators since events like this rarely happen there.

Yuanyuan has also taken a step further in expanding her artistic expression through filmmaking, a medium she has always wanted to experiment with. To realize her vision for this massive project, Yuanyuan took up a three-week intensive program at Uniondocs to hone the skills needed for her research. We are very happy to see immense progress in Yuanyuan before and after her fellowship and we cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the near future!
Congratulations to our fellows Sarah Mui and Yip Chung Hang for their achievements in the architectural sector!

Sarah MUI
2016 Young Architect Awardee
Awarded, 2018 Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Awards in 2 categories: "Impact Award" and "Bronze Award/ HK Best in Exhibition Design"

YIP Chun Hang
2015 Young Architect Awardee
Awarded, "Artistic Contribution Category" at
The 2018 Fortune Art Emerging Architect Award
Caméra-stylo As Such
5.4.19 - 5.30.19
Hong Kong

Anson Mak
Visual art | 2003 Fellow
4.26.19 - 5.30.19
Hong Kong

Annie Wan
Visual art | 2000 Fellow
Dalian Mirage
3.23.19 - 5.5.19

Yang Yuan Yuan
Visual art | 2017 Fellow
Saan Dung Gei
3.26.19 - 5.11.2019
Hong Kong

Abby Chen
Visual Art | 2016 Fellow
Lam Tung Pang
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow
Contagious Reading
4.26.19 - 5.23.19
5.31.19 - 6.23.19
Hong Kong

Pak Sheung Cheun
Visual art | 2006 Fellow
Lawrence Pun
Visual art | 2006 Fellow
In this world, we
4.7.19 - 5.26.19
New York

Zhu Jinglun
Curator | 2018 Fellow
“Rhetorical Landscape” – A Conversation Exhibition by Ho Siu Kee &Vincent Yu
4.27.19 - 6.2.19
Hong Kong

Ho Siu Kee
Visual art | 2000 Fellow
Watching Silence
5.2.19 - 5.30.19

Hou Ying
Dance | 2001 Fellow
A Story of Light
3.12.19 - 6.9.19
Hong Kong

Hon Chi Fun
Visual art | 1969 Fellow
Out of Ink: Interpretations from Chinese Contemporary Art
4.10.19 - 7.28.19

Xing Danwen
Visual art | 1998 Fellow
Zhang Jian-jun
Visual art | 1987 Fellow
The Evolution of Communication
3.24.19 - 6.24.19

Kwok Ying
Curator | 2014 Fellow
Land of the Lustrous 
4.23.19 - 9.8.19
Beidaihe District

Wang Sishun
Visual art | 2015 Fellow
Present Tense: Task of Remembrance
4.27.19 - 12.21.19
San Francisco

Lam Tung Pang
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow
Li, Xiaofei    李消非
Visual Art | 2010 Fellow
Yan Jun
Music | 2010 Fellow
4.28.19 - 8.18.19

Wei Ligang 
Visual Art | 2005 Fellow
Bad Time Story
5.2.19 - 5.5.19
5.8.19 - 5.11.19
Hong Kong

Wong Wing Sze
Theatre | 2013 Fellow
Dance "IN" Possible VI: TransDance
5.10.19 - 5.12.19
Hong Kong

Victor Ma
Dance | 1996 Fellow
Mandy Yim
Dance | 1996 Fellow
DELTA (premiere)
5.24.19 - 5.26.19

Mui Cheuk Yin
Dance | 1989 Fellow
Hong Kong

Carol Lin 
Music | 2006 Fellow
Never-never Land
6.15.19 - 6.16.19

Chou Shu-Yi
Dance | 2008 Fellow
Steve Hui
Music | 2016 Fellow
Mok Chiu Yu's new publication 《 香港的第三條道路:莫昭如的安那其民眾戲劇 》

Mok Chiu Yu
Theatre | 1989 Fellow
Chi Wo's new publication《香港藝術家故事—1998年訪談手稿》
Hong Kong

Leung Chi Wo
Visual art | 1997 Fellow
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