Creativity Not in Quarantine

"Life goes on" is the Facebook caption of this painting (Photo courtesy of Lam Tung Pang's Studio)
The pandemic may have put our regular routines on hold, but not on creativity. Our alumni, who are also deeply affected by the crisis, have never ceased to connect, to create, to inspire. They continue their work unscathed, to make art possible for their communities. Here are some of the latest initiatives from our artists:

Separated, but still together: Documentary filmmaker Tammy Cheung (2012 Fellow) kicked off a film project called “The Virus Diaries”, inviting people from all ages and backgrounds to share their experiences and struggles under quarantine—a timely reminder to us all that we will weather through this crisis together.
Watch her montage here:
Imagination is more important than ever in times of crisis, and the illustrations series #DearHongKong by Lam Tung Pang (2012 Fellow) conveys exactly the sentiments shared by us all. Whether it is a desire to escape, frustration, or loss felt from these works, art is now reflecting life, not the other way round.

Stragglers by Hong Kong Dramatists
Janice Poon (2009 fellow), Senior Lecturer in Playwriting and Dramaturgy and Academic Project Officer at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, is leading a global project in collaboration with the Hong Kong Dramatists. Titled “Quarantine Can’t Stop Our Creativity”, the project aims to connect with people around the world and encourage them to create in response to the pandemic. More details:
A Time to Share and Care

New York was where most of our ACC alumni embarked on a journey of cultural exchange, which then culminated into friendships that last for a lifetime. To show their support and appreciation towards the New York community, our alumni have gathered together to share our resources by donating surgical masks to medical workers who are at the frontlines in New York.

We are very grateful to Ysabelle Cheung and Tiffany Sia of Hong Kong to NYC: Mask Circuit, who have been tirelessly collecting and shipping face masks from Hong Kong to New York. With their help, 34 boxes of surgical masks were shipped to New York on April 9, 2020. Special thanks to Tammy Cheung (2012 Fellow) for suggesting their idea to ACC and our amazing alumni (see below) who joined our cause towards the masks and shipping costs. Our heartfelt thanks to Lady Wu, who kindly offered additional help with a generous donation of eight boxes of N95 masks which is most urgently needed in New York.
(Left to right) Lady Ivy Wu, Tammy Cheung (2012 Fellow), Rocelia Fung (1995 Fellow), Victor Ma (1996 Fellow), Mandy Yim (1996 Fellow), Candace Chong (2004 Fellow),Teresa Kwong (2006 Fellow)
(Left to right) Jaffa Lam (2006 Fellow), Ivy Ma (2007 Fellow), Louisa So (2008 Fellow), Janice Poon (2009 Fellow), Connie Lam, (2015 Fellow), Wu Hoi Fai (2008 Fellow), Josephine Wai


Breakfast Conversation with ACC alumni
Saturday May 23, 2020 @10AM-11:30AM HKT

Join us for our very first live webinar, featuring Enoch Cheng (2019 Fellow) in New York and Vivian Ting (2017 Fellow) in Hong Kong! The live webinar will be hosted via Zoom, stay tuned for further details.

About our alumni:
Enoch Cheng (2019 Fellow) is an independent artist and curator. Currently in New York with ACC’s support, Enoch is researching into natural sciences and history while taking up an artist-in-residence at the American Museum of Natural History.

Vivian Ting (2017 Fellow) is a researcher, curator, and art critic based in Hong Kong. Vivian received an ACC fellowship in 2017, and spent six months in the US to conduct research on learning and participation in museums.
Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, some of the activities below may be cancelled or postponed. Please check the individual event website for the latest information.
Transformation of Practices
4.23.20 - 5.23.20
Hong Kong

Wong Shun Kit
Visual Art | 1999 Fellow
3.10.20 - 6.10.20
Online Exhibition

Zhang Peili
Visual Art | 1999 Fellow
Kwok Ying
Curatorship | 2014 Fellow
Lu Mingjun
Arts Criticism | 2017 Fellow
The Practice of Everyday Life
6.27.20 - 10.11.20
Hong Kong

Cheung Wai Ting, Stephanie
Visual Art | 2015 Fellow
In the course of Dancing, from Nightfall to Darkness
3.21.20 - 5.23.20
Hong Kong

Ivy Ma
Visual Art | 2007 Fellow
The Allure of Matter
2.7.20 - 5.3.20

Cai Guo-Qiang
Visual Art | 1995 Fellow
Yin Xiuzhen
Visual Art | 1997 Fellow
Song Dong
Visual Art | 2005 Fellow
Liu Wei
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow

Ma Qiusha
Visual Art | 2013 Fellow
Castles In The Air
4.3.20 - 5.30.20
Hong Kong

Lee Chi Hoi
Visual Art | 2011 Fellow
Enoch Tak Yan Cheng
Visual Art | 2019 Fellow
About us , Young Photography from China
3.27.20 - 10.30.20

Yang Fudong
Film & Photography | 2003 Fellow
Visual Art | 2019 Fellow
Anonymous Society for Magick
3.17.20 - 5.30.20
Hong Kong

Lam Tung Pang
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow
Kwok Ying
Curatorship | 2014 Fellow
Ineffable Garden
3.16.20 - 5.9.20
Hong Kong

Zhang Jianjun
Visual Art | 1987 Fellow
The Breath of Landscape
11.30.19 - 9.30.20
Hong Kong

Billy Tam
Architecture | 2006 Fellow
Classics Remix: The Hong Kong Viewpoint
11.30.19 - 6.14.20
Hong Kong

Chu Hing Wah
Visual Art | 1993 Fellow
Fiona Wong
Visual Art | 1998 Fellow

Lam Tung Pang
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow

Hong Kong

Xing Liang
Dance | 1995 Fellow
A Tale of the Southern Sky
6.28.20 - 7.5.20
Hong Kong

Yang Yuntao
Dance | 2011 Fellow
The Last Dance
8.14.20 - 8.16.20
Hong Kong

Mui Cheuk Yin
Dance | 1989 Fellow
See You Soon
Hong Kong

Louisa So 
Theater | 2008 Fellow
Chong Mui Ngam
Theater | 2004 Fellow
Wong Wing Sze
Theater | 2013 Fellow
O Talk
2.24.20 - 5.18.20
Online Workshop

Olivia Yan
Theater | 1999 Fellow
Hong Kong 1960s

Mary Wong
Photography | 1995 Fellow
Tsunan Museum of the Lost

Warren Leung
Visual Art | 1997 Fellow

Wu Hoi Fai
Theater | 2008 Fellow
Precarious Life

Damian Cheng
Arts Criticism | 2009 Fellow
ACC alumni are welcome to share information about their latest arts events and activities on this platform. Please send event informationpublicity images and press releases before the 20th of every month to
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