On The Road

Yi Heng
ACC Altius Fellow (2018)

ACC fellow and playwright Yi Heng is currently residing in New York to observe the latest developments in the performing arts scene. Yi Heng's strong ability in re-interpreting classical theatre and folklore has earned her recognition in the arts scene. Her works The HeyDays (2011), Heart of Coral (2013) and White Lady of West Lake (2017) have been widely praised for their scripts. 

Exploring New York      Yi Heng
It was my second month in New York.

I watched the movie “Cold War” at BAM Rose Cinema in Brooklyn. The theatre was built in the late 19th to early 20th century, an architecture combined with opera, theatre and cinema.

I looked down at the floor tiles as I walked in. They formed into a rectangular mosaic checkered with blue and beige plaque. Years of stomping have left behind many cracks and stains on the tiles. And yet, its beauty remained untainted.

“Cold War” is a 2018 black and white film combined with music.

Historical period films tend to be incomprehensible and vague. Sometimes black and white productions were used to show a specific period, which makes one feel pretentious in terms of artistic expression. If the plot development is unappealing, the context is to blame. A contrived story and they would say it is “a mission to accomplish”. It is as if we are watching an inexplicable “period” complex in the guise of narcissism.

But this postwar film is the opposite. Not obscure nor pretentious. And only speaks of a single love story.

‘She’ was a singer who wanted to join a chorus ensemble, similar to many art troupes formed in New China. ‘He’ was a maestro pianist, vocal coach and pianist of the troupe. He chose her among a group of girls. Her voice was not the best during her audition, her singing far from pitch perfect. But as he said, she has a genuine personality.

And so desire swelled and burst into flames, prancing throughout rehearsals and bellowing over vocal lessons. An uncontrollable pyromaniac.

From Poland, to Moscow, Paris, and back to Poland. Challenged with identity, system, and resistance from a turbulent society, they could never be together.

There was a scene where she was performing on stage. Dancing and turning and singing, she blinked then saw him in the crowd. Saw him in the crowd from the stage. She was shocked, bewildered, her steps becoming stoic, her expression at a loss. But she was determined to continue the show. A flick of the lights, another blink of an eye and he was gone.

But the surroundings remained the same. In the lens of the director, she closed her eyes tightly and kept on singing. It was an emotional moment, as if… the entire theatre has turned into an empty seat. Since he was not there.

He escaped to Paris, where they lived together for a period of time. She chastised him: why have you become a different person in Paris? You were a man in Poland. But here you are a coward. Then she provoked him. Last night I was ravished six times. He struck her without any mercy.

When they returned to Poland, he was an exile. Losing a finger, he could no longer play the piano. To save him, she performed with a wig on stage, singing and twisting evocatively. Times have changed: people are no longer here for graceful divas but girls from dancing halls.

And so she held his hand as they entered the cathedral ruins. A candle was lighted, words of promises were exchanged, to become his wife/her husband. Then swallowed 7 pills each.

They sat on a bench, waiting for the effects to take over. They sat, as if waiting on the platform, waiting for a train to take them far, far away. Let’s switch to another seat, she said, we’ll get a better view from there.

Two lovers, unraveling exquisite authenticity under a dark and grueling era. Their lines were excellently written and delivered with accuracy. Ability to reflect the illness and grimness of the cities they have visited.

Polish director Pawel Pawlikowski was born in 1957, at 62 years of age. Substantial in its entirety under his leadership. Unique, mature. Script writer Janusz Glowacki was born in 1938. He moved to New York in the 80’s and established prominent ground both in the theatre scene and society at the time.
ACC Salutes to Hon Chi Fun (19222019)

The Asian Cultural Council joins the arts community in paying tribute to the late Hon Chi Fun (1969 ACC Fellow), who passed away in the early hours on February 24, 2019. 

He will be missed but we wish to remember him through his artistry and his significant contribution to the arts. Most of all, Mr. Hon was a great friend of the ACC’s extended family of staff, supporters and alumni. Read more
ACC visits the Tea House Theatre

Last month, our ACC family and friends spent an evening discovering Cantonese Opera and music at the newly opened Xiqu Centre at the West Kowloon Cultural District. Many were fascinated and impressed by the Tea House Theatre, which recreates the atmosphere of 20th century tea houses. A huge thank you to our alumna Alison Friedman (2004 Fellow), Artistic Director of West Kowloon Cultural District, whom we reunited with that night!
Congratulations to our ACC fellows Yip Chun Hang and Master Lin Hwai Min for receiving the following awards!

YIP Chung Hang (Architecture)
2015 Young Architect Awardee
Best Craftsmanship, The 2019 Frame Awards, Amsterdam

LIN Hwai Min (Dance, 1978 Fellow)
Founder of Cloud Gate
Stef Stefanou Award for Outstanding Company,
The 19th National Dance Awards, UK
Only Connect Osaka 
2.23.19 - 3.17.19

Tang Kwok Hin
Visual art | 2013 Fellow
Time Isn't Our Border
2.22.19 - 3.22.19
Hong Kong

Morgan Wong
Visual art | 2018 Fellow
Spearhead: Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Ink Wash
1.13.19 - 3.25.19

Wei Ligang
Visual art | 2005 Fellow
Wei Qingji
Visual art | 2006 Fellow
Claylaboration – Contemporary Ceramic Art Exhibition
12.29.18 - 4.5.19
Hong Kong

Annie Wan
Visual art | 2000 Fellow
Fiona Wong
Visual art | 1998 Fellow
Traversing the Forbidden City: Architecture and Craftsmanship
1.11.18 - 4.7.19
Hong Kong

Stanley Siu
Architecture | 2014 Fellow
Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close
1.25.19 - 4.29.19
Hong Kong

Kwok Ying
Visual art | 2014 Fellow
Wang Sishun
Visual art | 2015 Fellow
12th Shanghai Biennale - Proregress
11.10.18 - 3.10.19

Naddim Abbas
Visual art | 2014 Fellow
Wang Wei Wei
Curator | 2018 Fellow
Xu Zhe
Visual art | 2016 Fellow

Jui-Chung Yao
Visual art | 1997 Fellow
Yang Fudong
Film and Photography | 2003 Fellow
A Story of Light: Hon Chi Fun
3.12.19 - 6.9.19
Hong Kong

Hon Chi Fun
Visual art | 1969 Fellow
《⼤大连幻景》Dalian Mirage
3.23.19 - 5.5.19

Yang Yuan Yuan
Visual art | 2017 Fellow
3.16.19 - 3.31.19
Hong Kong

Haoran Wang
Theater | 2014 Fellow
Rocelia Fung
Theater | 1995 Fellow
3.22.19 - 3.23.19

Tang Shu Wing
Theater | 1995 Fellow
Windmill Grass Theatre: Death On A Road Trip
3.22.19 - 3.24.19
3.28.19 - 3.31.19
Hong Kong

Chong Mui Ngam
Theater | 2004 Fellow
Laugh Me to the Moon
4.5.19 - 4.7.19
4.9.19 - 4.11.19
Hong Kong

Kearen Pang
Theatre | 2017 Fellow
Matteo Ricci: The Musical
4.20.19 - 4.28.19
Hong Kong

Heidi Lee
Arts administration | 2012 Fellow
Bad Time Story
5.2.19 - 5.5.19
5.8.19 - 5.11.19
Hong Kong

Wong Wing Sze
Theatre | 2013 Fellow
Never-never Land
6.15.19 - 6.16.19

Chou Shu-Yi
Dance | 2008 Fellow
Steve Hui
Music | 2016 Fellow
Chi Wo's sharing about his new publication《香港藝術家故事—1998年訪談手稿 》
Hong Kong

Leung Chi Wo
Visual art | 1997 Fellow
Chi Hoi's new publications: "Library" & "I'm with My Saint"

Lee Chi Hoi
Visual art | 2011 Fellow
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