2018 Asian Cultural Council Fellowship Application
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Deadline: November 10, 2017 (Friday) 1 p.m. [Hong Kong time]

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Credit: Photo by Nadim Abbas (2014 Fellow)
2016 ACC Hong Kong Annual Report Out Now

ACC Hong Kong has just published its first Annual Report, which gives an overview of its work in 2016. Click here to read it.

Fellowship Awards Ceremony

1st row (L to R): Wong Chun, Connie Lam, Joyce Tang, Vivian Ting, Adrian Yeung, Wang Haoran 
2nd row (L to R): John Witt, Marissa Fung Shaw, Wendy O'Neill, Yip Chun Hang, Alan Kwan, Nadim Abbas, Kwok Ying, Vanessa Wong, Otto Li, Ji Chao, Hans Michael Jebsen
The recent cohorts of ACC fellowship recipients were conferred the ACC Fellowship Awards on October 11, in recognition of their fellowships in ACC. The ceremony made for a jovial evening of reunions and catch-up among friends of ACC. The evening also saw presentations and performances by alumni, and paid tribute to the Patrons' Circle, a vital pillar of support that sustains ACC Hong Kong's work in supporting excellent artists for transformational cultural exchange fellowships abroad every year. ACC is indebted to Dr. Xu Xiaodong (2004 Fellow) and Duncan Pescod (Chief Executive Officer of West Kowloon Cultural District Authority) for their intriguing dialogue on Chinese artifacts and the Palace Museum, as well as Tsang Man Tung (2009 Fellow), Chen Kai (2008 Fellow), Chan Ming Long (1994 Fellow), Law Wing Fai (1994 Fellow), and the Wuji Ensemble for the Chinese Music and Dance Improvisation performance, all of which put on display the talents of ACC alumni in diverse fields. Many thanks for all the alumni and friends who have attended the ceremony to celebrate with ACC too!

For photos of the event, click here.
Fellowship of ACC Badges conferred to the fellowship recipients on the evening

ACC x HKAC Creative Mind Series:
The Activism of Artists
An Artist Talk by Wu Dar-Kuen | 2004 & 2014 Fellow

Wu Dar-Kuen (L) & Pak Sheung Chuen (R)
Upon the invitation of ACC and Hong Kong Arts Centre, Chairman of Taiwan Art Space Alliance Wu Dar-Kuen (2004 & 2014 Fellow) engaged in a cross-cultural conversation with Pak Sheung Chuen (2006 Fellow) and arts professionals in Hong Kong at Wu's artist talk "The Activism of Artists" on October 7. Wu, an artist, curator, administrator, theater worker and writer from Taiwan, shared his works in association with the recent social movements in Taiwan, and shed light on new developments in Taiwan's cultural landscape. ACC would like to thank Wu for sharing his work and exchanging insights on art-making with the Hong Kong arts community. Special thanks to Pak as well for his invaluable input in propelling this conversation.

For more photos of the event, please click here.
"Critics in Dialogue"
Art Appraisal Club

Asia Society Hong Kong Center
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Hall,
Sunday | December 10, 2017 | 4 - 6 pm
With the "Asian Cultural Council - Asia Society Series on the Arts", ACC and Asia Society Hong Kong Center (ASHK) jointly present an array of arts events and activities that facilitate creative exchange among ACC's dynamic network of artist alumni and stimulate the development of the arts in the region. Through performances, talks, forums, and sharing by some of the most active practitioners in their own fields across China, Hong Kong and Macau, the series explores new, exciting prospects for arts professionals in the field.

ACC has supported not a few art critics for cultural exchange fellowships abroad. Among those are Yeung Yang (2012 Fellow), Jeff Leung (2012 Fellow), Kwok Ying (2014 Fellow), and Vivian Ting (2017 Fellow), who have in recent years formed the Art Appraisal Club, along with Chan Sai Lok and Leung Po-Shan Anthony. This December, ACC and ASHK are pleased to present a public forum with the Art Appraisal Club, during which the art critics will review recent standout exhibitions in the region for quality dialogue and discussions.

More information to follow.
Tang Shu Wing [Theater Director | 1997 Désirée & Hans Michael Jebsen Fellow] was conferred the Honorary Fellowship by the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts on October 23, 2017.

Daydreamers Design, founded by Siu Kwok Kin, Stanley [Architect | 2014 Hsin Chong - K.N. Godfrey Yeh Education Fund Young Architects' Award Fellow] received two awards from the Japan Good Design Award 2017 for its works "Spiral Arches" and "Stratagems in Architecture Hong Kong in Venice"

Li Jie [Curator | 2016 Cai Guo-Qiang Fellow] was awarded the Hyundai Motor Campaign Blue Prize.

Jin Xing [Choreographer | 1988 Asian Cultural Council Fellow] was named as one of the BBC 100 women in 2017. [link]

Janice Poon [Playwright | 2009 Lee Hysan Foundation Fellow] joined the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts as Lecturer (Playwriting) and Academic Project Coordinator in the School of Drama.
10.1.17 - 11.4.17
Hong Kong

Cheung Chi Wai

Film, Video, & Photography | 1996 Fellow
The Father (Le Père)
10.19.17 - 11.5.17
Hong Kong

Mao Chun Fai Fredric

Theater | 1993 Fellow
Creating Across Cultures: Women in the Arts
Hong Kong

Choi Yan Chi
Visual Art | 1989 Fellow
Candace Chong
Theater | 2004 Fellow
Michelle Vosper
Multiple Disciplines | 1984, 2014 Fellow
Tian Mansha
Theater | 2004 - 2011 Fellow
Southern Climate
9.27.17 - 11.10.17

Wu Jianru

Arts Administration | 2016 Fellow
Waiting For Godot
11.17.17 - 11.18.17
Hong Kong

Wu Hsing-Kuo

Theater | 2006 Fellow
Lumieres Hong Kong
11.23.17 - 11.25.17
Hong Kong

Hung Keung

Visual Art | 2005 Fellow
Jaffa Lam
Visual Art | 2006 Fellow
Kingsley Ng
Visual Art | 2013 Fellow
Kwan Sheung Chi | Blue is the New Black
10.26.17 - 11.30.17
Hong Kong

Kwan Sheung Chi

Visual Art | 2009, 2010 Fellow
Studying the Experience of Museum Visitors in Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Stella Fong

Museum Studies | 2007 Fellow
Vivian Ting
Arts Administration | 2017 Fellow
Interval In Space
12.15.17 - 1.28.18
Hong Kong

Nadim Abbas
Visual Art | 2014 Fellow
Kingsley Ng
Visual Art | 2013 Fellow
Tale of the Wonderland
9.19.17 - 11.11.17
Hong Kong

Amy Cheung
Visual Art | 2010, 2011 Fellow
Lam Tung Pang
Visual Art | 2012 Fellow
Leung Chi Wo Warren
Visual Art | 1997, 1999 Fellow
Pak Sheung Chuen
Visual Art | 2006, 2014 Fellow
9.13.17 - 11.12.17

Cai Guo-Qiang

Visual Art | 1995, 2006 Fellow
Dance On: Contemporary Dance Theatre
11.16.17 - 11.18.17
Hong Kong

Chen Kai
Dance | 2008 Fellow
Immersive Theatre: Lingering in Time
11.24.17 - 11.27.17
Hong Kong

Indy Lee
Theater | 2005 Fellow
Go Study Far Away from Home - A Preview before Departure
10.31.17 - 11.25.17
Hong Kong

Ho Siu Kee
Visual Art | 2000 Fellow
Chris Evans, Pak Sheung Chuen : Two Exhibitions
9.23.17 - 12.3.17
Hong Kong

Pak Sheung Chuen
Visual Art | 2006, 2014 Fellow
Turn It On: China on Film, 2000–2017
10.13.17 - 12.16.17 & 1.4.18

New York

Peng Xiaolian
Film, Video, & Photography | 1990 Fellow
Why We Chat?
12.29.17 - 1.1.18


Wong Wing Sze
Theater | 2013 Fellow
Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World
10.6.17 - 1.7.18

New York

Cai Guo-Qiang
Visual Art | 1995, 2006 Fellow
Hong Hao
Visual Art | 2014 Fellow
Kwan Sheung Chi
Visual Art | 2009, 2010 Fellow
Liu Wei
Visual Art | 2011 Fellow

Lu Mingjun
Visual Art | 2017 Fellow
Ellen Pau
Film, Video, & Photography | 1991 Fellow

Song Dong
Visual Art | 2005 - 2014 Fellow
Wang Jianwei
Visual Art | 2002 Fellow
Xu Tan
Visual Art | 2001 - 2013 Fellow
Yang Fudong
Visual Art | 2003 Fellow
Yin Xiuzhen
Visual Art | 1997 - 2013 Fellow
Zhang Peili
Visual Art | 1998 Fellow
7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art
9.19.17 - 1.18.18


Nadim Abbas
Visual Art | 2014 Fellow
Rohini Devasher
Visual Art | 2015 Fellow
Yuko Hasegawa
Museum Studies | 1991 - 2012 Fellow
Jian-Jun Zhang: Between Then and Now
9.23.17 - 1.28.18


Zhang Jian-jun
Visual Art | 1987 Fellow
Lu Yang: Encephalon Heaven
10.28.17 - 2.11.18


Lu Yang
Visual Art | 2013 Fellow
Phoenix Reborn: Chu Jades Excavated from Hubei
10.21.17 - 2.25.18
Hong Kong

Xu Xiaodong

Art History | 2004 Fellow
The Spirit of Painting. Cai Guo-Qiang at the Prado
10.25.17 - 3.4.18

Cai Guo-Qiang

Visual Art | 1995, 2006 Fellow
ACC alumni are welcome to share information about their latest arts events and activities on this platform. To include your event here, please send event informationpublicity images and press releases before the 20th of every month to sching@acc.org.hk
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