the Apps Bar

  • Message Marquee highlights news, maintenance updates & more.
  • Regional managers can customize different messages and apps for each location
  • Vastly increase your Social Media reach. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. 
  • Spotlight guarantees views of digital announcements or any content that you want residents to see.
  • Page Viewer will push new views to key pages of your websites seamlessly.
Build loyalty,
Increase resident communication.

the Cloud Control Panel 

  • Connect to your private portal and manage your locations from anywhere.
  • Change your login pages to promote new amenities, make announcements & more.
  • Check session histories to see how much usage you've had and how long they stay.
  • Manage how long people stay online, how much bandwidth they use and how often they login.
  • Block specific users and devices.

The HArdware

  • Slim design with compact form factor to blend into it's environment.
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) for deployment nearly anywhere.
  • High powered for coverage up to 500 meters.
  • Multiple WiFi mode gives one network for residents and two separate networks for managers & systems that need dedicated connections. 
  • Weatherproof for outdoor deployment for pool & picnic areas. 
  • Expand the network quickly in hard to reach areas with Auto-Mesh routing.
Setup and online in under 5 minutes. 


  • Block Illegal downloads of copyrighted materials.
  • Filter out inappropriate content. 
  • User authentication stops anonymous devices.
  • Blocks all traffic from reaching your private networks.
  • Isolates and protects all devices from each other.
  • Block malware. 

Real-Time protection.
Secure and family friendly

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