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Competitions Newsletter
Issue 15: February 2014
Dates for your calendar:
10th May 2014
7th June 2014
ACR Donington Park

8th June 2014
BARC Harewood Hill Climb

2nd August 2014
BDC Silverstone
14th September 2014
BHMC Brighton Speed Trials

Competitions Day

The Competitions Day was convivial and informative and the Club laid on a jolly good lunch too. (Our thanks to David Grounds for the photo!)

As well as outlining this year's competitions calendar, Comps Captain Sebastian Welch reviewed last year's events and thanked everyone without whom our competitive events simply could not happen: marhsals, stewards, clerks, scrutineers, ... Chief Scrutineer Terry Rogers was unable to join us but Andy Benfield was in attendance and helped to clarify a number of changes to the Motor Sports Association (MSA) regulations. Some of these changes are detailed below.

It was also an opportunity to meet the Club's new Office Manager, Steve Miller, who we hope to have convinced to sit his ARDS test this year!

Tankards were presented to Mike Haig, Clive Morley, Sebastian Welch, Duncan Wiltshire and Ron Warmington. The Marshal of the Year Trophy was awarded to Steve Lindsey by Chief Marshal Neil Williams. (Nice shirt, Neil!)

Neil Williams presenting Steve Lindsey with the Marshal of the Year Trophy. Photo Mike Warner

MSA Amendments

Track Limits
MSA has produced some new guidelines regarding track limits in circuit racing, which can be viewed here. The basic principle is that the white line and kerbs are considered to be part of the track, the grass verges are not. Check out the photos on the above link if in any doubt as to what is acceptable and what isn't!

The Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) announced that it will cease to recognise BS 6658-85 Type A/FR helmet standard after 31 December 2013. However, the Motor Sports Council has agreed to extend the life of this standard until at least 31st December 2015, to offer an additional two years of use for those buying the current version.

Furthermore, the MSA is pleased to confirm that the Snell SA2000 helmet standard will now be valid until 31st December 2014.

Yellow Flag
Stationary flags will no longer be used as these are not always visible to the driver. Therefore a stationary Yellow flag will be replaced by a single waved Yellow flag. A waved Yellow flag will be replaced by double waved Yellow flag, and a stationary Green flag will be replaced by a waved Green flag. There will inevitably be some confusion as this is implemented but please bear these changes in mind.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Sprint is a great opportunity to borrow the family car and come and have a go! You can even obtain a licence on the day, as long as you have downloaded and completed the application form available on the MSA website here. Bring a passport-sized photo, and a medical if aged 45 or over. You will also need a helmet, race suit, boots and gloves in accordance with MSA safety regulations.

We will let everyone know when entry forms for the Sprint are available on the Club's website.

John Scanlon's Arnage is eased into position on the start line at MIRA. Photo Mike Warner

A weekend to remember (7th & 8th June 2014)

To celebrate the 90th anniversary of Bentley's first win at Le Mans, we are delighted to be able to offer Bentley drivers a second opportunity to compete in an all-Bentley race this year: a 20-minute scratch race at Donington Park on Saturday 7th June 2014, courtesy of Aston Club Racing. There will be no shortage of pre-war action at this meeting with a Pre-War Team Challenge race and the St John Horsfall Memorial race (named in commemoration of the man who completed the 1949 Spa 24 Hours - single-handed).

The BDC will have a dedicated area in the Paddock where refreshments will be available to competitors and members and their families who might like to come along and support. We will let you know when entry forms will be available and will place links on both the BDC and AMOC websites.

After Donington, why not head north to Harewood for BARC's Classic & Vintage Hill Climb on Sunday 8th June? If you plan to enter your Bentley, please click
here to let Sebastian Welch know by email, to establish whether there is enough interest for a separate Bentley class - and how many sausages to buy for a barbecue on Saturday evening!

William Elbourn at Harewood. Photo DTH Photography

BDC Silverstone

We will be celebrating our 65th consecutive year at Silverstone on Saturday, 2nd August 2013 where, in addition to our usual races, we will be hosting a round of the AMOC Intermarque Champtionship and a separate AC anniversary race. Competitors and marshals will be able to enjoy the usual hog roast and live music on Friday evening.

SRs and entry forms should be available on the Club's website at the end of April and we hope you will join us for a spectacular day of racing.

B&HMC Brighton Speed Trials

Having always been supporters of the Brighton Speed Trials, we are really pleased that they will go ahead again this year. To all Bentley drivers, please click here to let Sebastian Welch know if you plan to enter this year, to ascertain numbers for a possible Bentley class and to show your support of this truly historic event.

Mike Haig at the 2008 Speed Trials. Photo
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