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Melissa Fitzpatrick, aka Miss Fitz, is your typical midlife mom...or is she? Shown here with her magical purse and mom jeans, holding a broom and joined by her friend/familiar, the black cat Coal, making a cute face

Melissa Fitzpatrick (aka Miss Fitz) is a blissfully married mother of four living happily ever after in a cozy-yet-bustling tourist village in picturesque Brown County, Indiana. Between juggling the needs of her family and a part-time writing gig, she soaks in quality girl time with her besties, aiding them in the running of their side-by-side popular coffee shop and handmade soap boutiques. Missy simply adores animals of all shapes and sizes, and they love her right back--from the strays she collects at her home, to the black cat in town who seems to read her thoughts.

Pleasantly plump and practically invisible in her mom attire and minivan, Miss Fitz revels in her Hallmark Channel-ready life--that is, until a tycoon of local business sends his vehicle careening through a wrought iron fence into the well-manicured flower beds of the shopping center, thrusting a group of coffee shop regulars into harm’s way. Reacting instinctively, Missy throws her large quilted handbag at the truck--only to find that sometimes a purse is
more than a purse, and her two besties are into more than just tarot cards and Stevie Nicks. It’s not long before Miss Fitz finds herself in the center of a murder investigation, while discovering there’s more to midlife than menopause.

Three cute midlife witches surround a cauldron where they're mixing up a good time. A magic spell book hovers in mid-air, and a cute black cat "bleps" from the shoulder of the cute, plump witch in the center.

Are you ready to come out of the broom closet with Miss Fitz at midlife? Who better to play detective than a wise-cracking woman coming into her power in her forties?

A tale of friendship and love, MISS FITZ DISCOVERS MIDLIFE MAGIC is a cozy mystery by Red Tash that will have you laughing as you discover along with Miss Fitz and friends that midlife can be truly magical.

“Miss Fitz and friends are a kind of found family--and they know how to throw a great girl’s night out! I wish I could live in their town and have coffee with them at Bethany’s Brews.” ~Reviewer A. Channing.

“These characters are like the women from Practical Magic, if they were on the Hallmark Channel--but funnier, and smarter. I wish I had Missy’s purse!” ~Reviewer S. A. James

Includes recipes, talking cats, wildflowers, and a few choice words. This is a Paranormal Women’s Fiction Cozy Mystery, where mature women not only deal with aging and chronic illness, but sometimes say bad words and drink midnight margaritas as they sleuth their way to hidden truths. Good witching fun, with a sidecar of the supernatural.

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