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Three magical witches stir a cauldron happily in the midst of a scary Halloween landscape. Is that Bigfoot in the background?

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Picking up a couple of weeks after the last book left off…

Spooky October + High tourist season in rustic Brown County = a simmer pot of autumnal magic with BIG changes afoot!

Miss Fitz is still exploring her newfound magical talents when the annual October influx of visitors to her small community brings not only commerce, but ripples of upset. With her besties busy meeting the demands of customers and the local Sheriff's department at capacity dealing with festival security and traffic snafus, Miss Fitz ends up assigned to solve the murder of a local lothario. Thank goodness she has her loving husband Sin to talk to about life's stressors--or does she? When his parents swoop into town for an extended visit, it's pure chaos in Little Nashville. Our Missy's no shrinking violet, though. With help from her friends, her animals, and even the dreaded in-laws, you know you can count on Miss Fitz to track down not only the guilty party, but to find justice for all.

In other news:

  • SPI Girls Kick Ass is nearing the end. If you enjoyed Ready Player One, The Matrix, and Free Guy, pick up this estrogen-centered adventure about three unlikely gal pals working together to save the world.

  • Journals, journals, journals! We started making these to support our kid artist. Her “Love” watercolor remains the top-seller. We are now in the process of adding bullet journals to the Planet Tash offerings, and new cover designs. Each of these journals, whether lined or blank with grey bullet grips, is 7 x 10” and 156 pages. The perfect size!

  • What are you watching lately? I love Christmas shows, but I’m skipping Hallmark Channel this year in lieu of Northern Exposure, as I mentioned in last month’s email. It’s taking me awhile to make it through the snow-covered mountains of Alaska, but ask me if I mind! (I don’t!)

    Another recommendation to get your seasonal glee on: Single All the Way on Netflix is the Hallmark Channel gay love story you’ve always wanted. Trust Netflix to deliver. OH, also, you can use this movie as a drinking game if you take a drink every time they mention the TaskRabbit app. With supporting roles for Kathy Najimy and Jennifer Coolidge, this is one you will want to watch tonight!

    Also, HAWKEYE on Disney+. Wow, what a great way to show how superhero families deal with the holidays! It’s the kind of deep dive you just don’t get out of every major Marvel release, and I’m relishing every moment of it. I’ve never been a huge fan of Jeremy Renner, but his character is really growing on me thanks to his interactions with his family, his portrayal of someone with profound hearing loss, and most notably his mentorship of Kate (played by megawatt beauty Hailee Steinfeld. Did you know she voiced Spider-Gwen in Into the Spider-verse? Now you know.) This is a diverse cast of badasses, and it’s making my holiday wishes come true.

Lastly, since I won’t be hitting your inbox until after the New Year, happy holidays and here’s to a fresh new start with 2022!



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A steaming hot cup of tea in a seasonal knitted cozy, a pair of slippers kicked up before a roaring fire, and Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic in paperback. Caption reads: "Crackling Fire + Hot coffee + Great Book = Perfect Winter Night"