Do you remember? The spookiest day in September?


Text reads: Witchy Wanda. She's not your average babysitter. A spooky midcentury living room with a young boy at the door facing a ghostly image. A grandfather clock and a pumpkin complete the scene that a babysitter oversees. A portrait of Wanda with red hair, wearing a green tweed suit, is in the corner of the graphic.

It’s Halloween night in 1963, and Wanda Fay is once again stuck babysitting the neighbor boys while her parents take her younger siblings to the Falling Leaves Festival for the costume parade. Too old to trick or treat, and too much of an odd duck to attend neighbor Fred Nickerson’s Halloween bash, Wanda and the Ackerman boys settle in for a cozy night of Vincent Price in front of the TV. What could possibly go wrong?

This is a Kindle Vella series. The first three episodes are free, and after that, I think you’ll find Kindle Vella tokens to be extremely affordable.

Is this the same Witchy Wanda from the Miss Fitz books? Yes, dear reader. Yes, it is. Please give her a thumbs’ up, follow the story, and give her a crown if you have tokens!

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More coziness, please!

If less spooky and more cozy fits your mood, then you’re ready for a perfectly magical September story! Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic is available on Kindle Unlimited for free, or purchase it from $4.99. A recent review says:

Her friends are fun and sweet and her husband is every woman's dream. The kids are darling and the dogs and cat are precious. The setting takes me away as no bubble bath ever could.

Read it now.

Three cute midlife witches gather 'round a cauldron on a gorgeous September evening
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Meme by Honest Toddler: I'm not a licensed interior designer but I just figured out you can make a room look 30% bigger if you put away the 14 loads of laundery on the floor wow. A cute laundery witch carries a basket of clean clothes, while a teacup reads "Red Tash." Cozy autumn background

It’s the Meme of the Month from the Facebook Group! It looks like I’m not the only one obsessed with hearth and home lately. Despite decluttering my home to get it sold, I fell in love with some Le Creuset pumpkin-shaped Dutch ovens and now I have #goals besides #writinggoals.

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What’s coming next?

A beautiful sun-dappled cottage in the woods

Hopefully someone will buy my beautiful house in the sun-dappled woods. It’s a magical cottage and it’s waiting for a very special someone with a need for four or five bedrooms to come dwell in it.

This has been our family’s first go-round with “drop everything and clear out so the realtor can show it,” and I’ll be frank: it’s exhausting. We have literally been herding cats and one small fuzzy dog.

Between herding cats, recording Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic in my audiobook studio, working on Miss Fitz 3 (working title: Miss Fitz and the Hard No November), and Witchy Wanda, I’m not sure if there will be time for an October Newsletter. Enjoy the coming fall weather, and happy Halloween!

Just for fun:

Seek and find puzzle with witchy kittens and owlets #babywitches #justwitchythings #owls #cats #meditate #omgsquee #fantasy #puzzle #game #fyp #cute

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