New release!

Three virtual avatars of badass ladies are on the move to save the world

Virtual Avatars. Real Heroes.

The Three Rules of Immersion:

  1. Keep the residents safe.

  2. Keep the workers in line.

  3. Keep the AIs functioning.

As we wait for Earth's restoration, humanity dreams of fantasy worlds in Singularity, a virtual space built to keep us sane. When high-profile avatars turn up dead, three agents of SPI, the Singularity Policing Institute, must learn why - and what really happened.

Can a cyberpunk, a space nerd & a fairy princess unravel a conspiracy with humanity's fate at stake?

Check out this exciting first entry in a new LITrpg series. If you're looking for a hope punk book featuring friendship, found family, and gritty optimism in the face of a dystopian world, you'll enjoy SPI Girls Kick Ass!

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This month’s most popular meme from the FB group is a New Yorker cartoon in honor of Mother’s Day!

Hope you had an amazing Mother's Day this year!

“What’s this Facebook group?” you ask.

Well, it’s a private Facebook group of readers! It’s where we post memes, readers are free to ask questions about the books, and I sometimes do giveaways or look for reviewers of my work. (Right now I am in need of reviews for SPI Girls, so join the group if you’re interested.)

Speaking of which, last month’s giveaway winner was Michelle! She’s local, so we met for coffee.

Cozy mystery & Witchy Poo News:

Speaking of Miss Fitz, what do you think is going to happen in Book 3? TAKE THE SURVEY and tell me what you think.

"You can only take 3" meme, MISS FITZ edition!

The Kitchen Witch’s Guide to the New Weird audiobook is coming soon. I’m waiting on the sound technician to finish working his spell right now. This was the first audiobook I have personally recorded with my own voice, and I’m really curious to see how it is received. Hopefully I’ll have a buy link for you soon.

The newsletter may become less-than-monthly over the summer. I will be working on Miss Fitz 3 & 4, and possibly another project. If you don’t hear from me, don’t worry! I’m just busy writing. Have a great summer!