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Recently, you signed up to receive my email newsletter when you clicked the box by “Red Tash” in the Booksweeps Cozy Mystery giveaway. I’m stoked to see you on the list! The first two books in my Paranormal Women’s Fiction Cozy Mystery series are available on Amazon right now, and book three is in progress! (I’m taking a break from writing it this morning to send this note to you!) By joining my email list, you’re signing up for new release alerts, occasional giveaways, and updates about my work. Generally, I stick to a monthly schedule, except when I have nothing to announce. Then I stick to writing new stuff.

As a special welcome to my email list, you can help yourself to sample the first book—including the yummy beef stew recipe at the end of the chapter one. Click here for Chaper One of Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic.

A trio of friendly midlife witches gathr around a bubbling cauldron on a beautiful September evening!
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You’ll hear from me again when I have news about book three or other writing announcements. (I also write fiction for Kindle Vella and publish non-fiction witchy books.) Make sure to add me to your whitelist, okay? (I think the easiest way to do that is to hit “reply” and just send me a note back with the subject whitelist.) Great to have you!