Cute, adorable, friendly witches stand around a cauldron with a funny black cat on the cover of a cozy mystery novel, among seasonal decor

Trick or treat, my sweets!

Inside Salma’s Soapery…

The interior of Salma's Soapery has all kinds of bars of Pumpkin Spice soap, along with candles, lotions, essential oils, herbs, and Salma's recommendation that you read Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic in the tub! Salma and Coal stand by, ready to greet customers.

It’s finally spooky season, OMG! I feel so grateful for the good reviews on Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic! If you’re looking for a paranormal women’s fiction cozy mystery, check this out:

Book review: Five stars, thoroughly enjoyed this book and I couldn't read it fast enough! Love love love and I can't wait for the next book in this series! Book review: five stars, Like Going Home. Miss Fitz is like going home to the home I wished I had...the characters are loving, magic is accepted, such a diverse group of characters. The mystery solved is as unique as it is logical. Looking forward to #2!

And the good news is, Miss Fitz #2 is purring right along. I posted some possible titles in the Facebook reader group, so if you’d like to vote and/or discuss with other fans of Miss Fitz, please join the group here: Secret Updates from Red Tash.

And, tell your friends, please: Miss Fitz is going to be on sale for one day only as a special holiday treat! October 19, 2021, snag it for $2.99 on Kindle.

Own Miss Fitz Discovers Midlife Magic
If Bob Ross were alive today: Bob Ross is shown smiling into the camera while painting. A pretty blonde is in the foreground of the landscape painting, and Bob is saying, "Time to add a happy little Instagram model over here."

I’m packing for a few days to do a writing/art retreat on the river. Hope to get a few more chapters done on Miss Fitz 2 while I’m there, AS WELL as channeling my inner Bob Ross. A few years ago at Halloween, Tim dressed as Bob Ross and I was the painting (wow, has there ever been a better representation of the extrovert/introvert relationship?):

A happy little Red Tash and a handsome Bob Ross

Hopefully no happy little accidents with the book…oh, who am I kidding? Write too many quirky small town folks? As Bob Ross would say when he paints an accidental tree, “Oh, let’s give them a friend…”

Final tidbits:

A book cover featuring a black cat wearing a mask and taking sanitizer and herbs with him as he rides a broom across the moon. The Kitchen Witch's Guide to the New Weird, Practical life magic in the time of Covid-19 is a non-fiction journaling guide to life post-pandemic.
  • The precursor, My Life as a Kitchen Witch, is on sale for only $.99 until I change my mind! TRICK OR TREAT!!!

  • SPI Girls Kick Ass! by Kaye Elsie, the Kindle Vella series I co-write with two friends, is onto episode twelve! The first three episodes are free, and Amazon has been giving away tokens after that…YUMMY! This is very different from the witchy fiction and non-fiction. It’s more of a Charlie’s Angels meets The Matrix sort of thing. It’s a romp. Look for it via your Kindle app or browser.

  • LASTLY, if you’ve read this far, you are eligible to enter to win a set of paperback books! Everything mentioned above (Miss Fitz #1, My Life as a Kitchen Witch, and The New Weird) are all sitting here on my desk taking up space. Just reply to this email with the phrase “Please enter me in your giveaway, Red.” I will draw for a winner and notify them privately on or around Oct 31, 2021. This giveaway is only open to residents of the US (sorry!). And, of course, I will sign the books to you. (Forgive the cat hair in the photo below…my own personal Bob Ross is stomping around the house ready to leave, and I didn’t notice it until after I’d already added it—spoiler alert, we like pets around here!)

A trio of witchy books Red is giving away on Oct 31. To enter to win, reply to this email with the phrase "Please enter me in your giveaway, Red." US shipping addresses only are qualified to enter.

Have an amazing Halloween!