Ready for some midlife mischief?

Three cheerful witches around a cauldron, while a hairy figure lurks in the background

In a small town, raising a stink can be deadly. It's Big Chaos in Little Nashville!

Melissa Fitzpatrick (aka Miss Fitz) is a blissfully married mother of four living happily ever after in a cozy-yet-bustling tourist village in Brown County, Indiana. That is, except for one month out of the year. Once the leaves change colors, her picturesque hamlet is bombarded by thousands of weekly visitors, stretching the quiet town's infrastructure beyond its limits. Autumn in Nashville, Indiana means "all hands on deck" as the residents show up to serve guests, play bluegrass music, run registers, and make money hand over fist while the getting is good.

This year Missy is scheduled to help out her two best friends in their shops as usual, but when a murder goes under-investigated, this mom on the spectrum can't help but try and figure out the crime. Things quickly escalate and soon October gets
really hairy. Can this mom with a mission juggle a busy family life, too many side gigs, interfering in-laws, and still solve the mystery?

Spooky October + High tourist season in rustic Brown County = a simmer pot of autumnal magic with
BIG changes afoot!

It’s here, it’s here! I met my goal of an early release, and now I’m going to DisneyWorld! Need something to read on the plane during Spring Break? Click and get to it!

Miss Fitz and the Hot Patchouli Murder

The Kindle ebook is live. Paperback will be available any moment!

This month’s favorite meme from the Secret Reader group is below…now, who wants to be my intern?

In other news, Kat Bradbury talks about our collaboration with E. Chris Garrison on the amazingly fun LitRPG story SPI Girls Kick Ass. SPI Girls began life as a serial, and it’s still available as a Kindle Vella option for the time being. We are working on a date for a release as a novel later this year. Want to see a cover sketch? OMG, squee!!!

Tiny tarot spread for the 3/18 full moon:

Knight of Swords as portrayed by a ginger kitty cat with a sword of lavender, on the back of a noble white steed

I’ve never been much of a “woo woo” witch, but I’ve always appreciated the collective unconscious symbolism of the tarot. In this simple spread, I’m focused on my energy for tonight’s full moon: going forward with charm and confidence. Optimistic, but hopefully still realistic. Away from me, perfectionism!

Artistic journals on display at Raven's Roost boutique

Spotted at a local boutique! Do you have a wonderful Book of Shadows?

Cottage Witch outfit choices: different styles of hats, dresses, accessories, and boots

Last but not least, what’s your springtime cottage witch look? Mine is d3^E, I think! I really could use an option with jeans and a sweatshirt, but this is all for funsies, so…

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