It’s Thanksgiving week, y’all!

From everyone at Planet Tash, we hope you have the best holiday celebration imaginable. (And if you’re not in the US, happy Thursday this week!)

In case you need it, here’s the 2 hour turkey recipe I’ve been using for twenty years. Magnifique!

Planet Tash news:

In case you missed it, the youngest Tash has a new Love Journal on the market. It’s 7 x 10” and 156 pages of lined, blank book. Perfect for a notebook, journal, diary, you name it. All profits go to her art supply fund.

We’ve also designed some other journals, just for fun. We freaking love journals around here. I’ve got five within reach, as of this writing.

Watercolor painting of Love, a radiant heart with rainbow colors
Order Planet Tash journals

Bullet journals are in testing, and when we’ve got them “right,” they’ll be coming soon.

In other news, Miss Fitz 2 is in the home stretch. I was hoping to have a cover reveal tease for you this month, but *reasons*. You know how that is! Coming soon, though.

In the meantime, here are some new releases & tried and true titles that we’ve been enjoying around Planet Tash, of late:

OR, if you’re more in the mood for some cozy couch potato viewing, we’re still in love with:

  • Knives Out, which is included with Amazon Prime video, so you can watch it on loop

  • Northern Exposure, which is not available streaming ANYwhere (argh!), and isn’t even out on Blu-Ray (double argh!) but can be enjoyed on ancient DVD technology. I’m praying desperately for a reboot, but in the meantime, rewatching this show is like coming home.

  • Tim and I are also rewatching Dawson’s Creek on HBO and wondering how the heck anyone thought that was appropriate viewing for teens in the 1990s.

Wishing you all the best this holiday and every day!

Leslea / Red, Tim, and all the kids and animals who live on Planet Tash